Alberto Vargas

Image result for alberto vargasThe master of pinup art Alberto Vargas would thin out watercolor paint (they didnt make airbrush paint back then) and spray it through a Paasche turbine airbrush to make his perfect gradations. His mastery of the airbrush is acknowledged by the founding of the Vargas Award, awarded annually by Airbrush Action Magazine, which was named after him. However you wont find too many photos of Vargas using an airbrush. That’s because in his day, the airbrush was a trade secret that establishment artist thought of as cheap and looked down they’re noses at. A Peruvian born son of a photographer, Vargas, moved to the United States in 1916 after studying art in Europe. He started his career making movie posters in Hollywood and eventually became a regular contributing artist for Esquire and Playboy magazine. Numerous Vargas paintings have sold and continue to sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars. They have an amazing collection of original paintings by Vargas and other commercial artists of his time at the Paasche Airbrush Co. factory.



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