Airbrush Update: New Lid On Krome

Badger Krome with Locker Case

The Badger Renegade Krome RK-1 now includes a rubber paint cup lid instead of a metal lid.  The rubber lid may not look as sharp as the original metal lid but actually functions better as it provides a snug fit. The RK-0473 chrome plated metal lid is still available, separately.

This very popular airbrush was created for the automotive arts industry but has become one of Badger’s best sellers among all types of airbrush users from taxidermists to tabletop miniature painters.

Hear what people are saying about it on instagram:

  • whitecustomairbrush

    Only thing I don’t care for is the tip design. Makes it hard to clear tip dry.


  • midwestairbrush

    @whitecustomairbrush you can’t work with the needle cap off with this one.


  • marko_aarrepalo

    This is my workhorse, and i love it. Fitting of that metal lid sucks..


  • crooksfineart

    This and my Spirit are my favorites. I have Micron but it hardly ever gets used because I like the Krome so much better

  • air_brushink

    I got one. And it’s a boss!!!!


  • zonedudes

    I will stick with my iwata


  • ivanriosart

    Awesome airbrush to have. Badger really stands behind the artists and offers great support for all their products.


  • mcfizzz

    Is mine in the mail 🤤🤤🤤 I wish.

Badger RK1 Renegade Krome 2-in-1 includes: both .21mm and .33mm nozzle size configurations and locker case. $119.95

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