3 Question Interview with NightEyes Leather

Leather purse tooled and painted by Caitlin McCafferty aka NighEyes Leather

Instagram: @nighteyesleather
Facebook: @nighteyesleather
Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/NightEyesLeather

1) What is a typical day like for you as a professional artist?

Most days involve a lot of spacing out, looking for the tool I just put down for about an hour and then finding it on the ground by my feet, petting my cat and possibly a mini cat photo shoot, and of course making art/ leatherwork.  This is often fueled by too much caffeine and I am typically listening to a podcast or have a David Attenborough nature documentary on in the background.  

2) Who are your favorite artistic influences?

  It is a bit unconventional but Nature is my number one artistic influence. Nothing beats the beauty and the terror that you see in Nature. Akira Kurosawa’s film Yojimbo has also been a huge influence on my work.  There is an absurd scene right in the beginning of a dog running with a severed human hand that I love and have referenced a lot.  Some more “traditional” artists that I am fond of are Raymond Pettibon, Mike Kelley, and David Shrigley because I love the humor in their work. 

3) How did you get into airbrushing?

  I swear I am not getting paid to write this, but if it wasn’t for Midwest Airbrush Supply Co.  I probably would have never gotten into airbrushing.  They are such a great resource if you are trying to enter into the world of airbrushing.  Not only do they have affordable starter kits that come with air compressors but the owner is super helpful if you have any questions.  Airbrushing has totally changed the trajectory of my leather work.  I still have a TON to learn when it comes to airbrushing but am super into the sick fades I’ve been achieving lately.

Tools of the trade: Paasche Talon TG and Paasche Talon TS

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