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Santa Claus in Trouble. again!

Santa Claus in trouble. again! is a point and click game released in 2004 by CDV Software Entertainment AG in Germany. It is part of the PC 3D series. The game is based on the original story published as Holiday Stories: The Santa Claus Theory in 1994 by Shecky Games.

A young man lives in a old house in the middle of a snow covered countryside. Each day he goes to the local school, but his parents do not know why he wants to attend classes when they are at home all day long. However, he is not alone in the house as a number of toys have found their way inside. In order to save Christmas, a group of toys, including Tinky Winky from Teletubbies, a Lego man, and a green cuddly macaw, must travel inside the house to help Santa Claus in trouble.

When the game is starting, the player will be greeted by Santa Claus in trouble. again!, where he explains the game’s plot. He explains he is tired of attending Christmas parties all around the world and he wanted to start spending some time with his family. The player will have to help Santa Claus in trouble. again! by using a number of objects in the house to help him distribute presents to children.

The player controls Santa Claus in trouble. again! through a set of point and click elements with the mouse. During the game, Santa will be helped by a set of items. He uses a bag of reindeer food which can be used to help the reindeer get more reindeer food. He will also use a fire extinguisher which will put out the fire that is set by an extra large pipe cleaner. Santa will also use a set of items to help him repair a hole which is above his home. Lastly, he will have a ladder which he can use to get out of the house and back home to his family.

Development and release
Santa Claus in trouble. again! was developed by German video game developer company CDV Software Entertainment AG. It was released in 2004 as a limited edition release on PC.

Critical reception
In a review for the German gaming website, the game is referred to as a “gem” of a game. It is recommended for all ages who are like Santa Claus in trouble. again!.


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