You are looking for correct values for the right of the text. They are very different when your text is on a Japanese machine and on a Western one.
I’m not sure what your program does, but it is far from being complete.
I assume that your program prints the line based on the contents of one file (let’s call it “TestFile”) and one line (let’s call it “line”), and based on the content of a string containing the right of the text.
You can use the python library of StringIO to read a file and return a string.
import stringIO
testFile = stringIO.StringIO(testFileString)

This will return the first line of a file in a string called “testFileString”.
Let’s say that the first line contains 20 spaces.
If you put all the text in one string, all the spaces will be removed (unless a space is used as a delimiter).
Example, you can put your testFile into a variable, and print the first line like this
fp = open(testFileString)
print fp.readline()

This will print the first line of the file, with 20 spaces between each character.
You can do the same thing for your line:
line = “1234567890”
print line.rjust(20)

The invention relates to a combined drive for a plurality of shears of a motorized crop harvesting machine.
A basic construction of a combined drive for shears of a motorized crop harvesting machine is known, for example, from EP 0 753 797 A1. The combined drive has a shear or threshing cylinder by which the threshed material, such as straw or maize stalks, is combusted or threshed. The crop harvesting machine has a corresponding transfer section by which the combusted and threshed material is transferred from the shear cylinder to a threshing and separating mechanism. The shears are driven directly via transmission shafts in a common drive shaft housing of the combined drive. In the case of EP 0 753 797 A1, two of these transfer sections, which are arranged in succession in the direction of travel of the crop harvesting machine, each have an associated drive which is driven by a respective transfer shaft. The shears of a transfer section are driven by the drive thereof. In the case of this

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