CrocodileChemistryv605full ((EXCLUSIVE))

CrocodileChemistryv605full ((EXCLUSIVE))

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javascript error: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property’replace’ of undefined

I’m doing bootstrap progress bar and the following code works fine on my localhost.


but when I copy the code to a different server it stops working.

I do use firebug for the site but couldn’t trace what’s wrong.
I would like to ask if there is any tool out there that could show me the full error?


Firebug is very valuable, but it’s far from perfect. Error “Firebug is not available. Please enable it.” is very generic and hard to track down. In most cases, the


If you just want to manage some layout, then try this:

Copy the following code into css file:
html, body {
overflow: hidden;

Paste this in the head tag, after meta tag.

Don’t forget to define font size in browser’s console, so code can be rendered properly.

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