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Trying to open files with UNC locations using Streamreader in C#

I am writing a user control for my application that opens files located on a remote server. I have it set up and it works if the file is located on a folder on the local machine, or a network location that’s mapped to the local machine. For example:
var file = @”\\servername\sharename\directory\path\file.txt”
using (var sr = new StreamReader(file))
// do stuff with the file

However, I am unable to get it to read files that are located on a UNC path or even an SMB share. For example:
var file = @”\\servername\sharename\directory\path\file.txt”
using (var sr = new StreamReader(file))
// does not work

I have found a way to use BITS commands to query the path that the path is mapped to. In this case, it is \\servername\sharename\directory.
So, my question is: how can I open a file whose location is a UNC path, or even an SMB share, and read the file into memory?


Use ProcessStartInfo to start a new process to read the file.
var file = @”\\servername\sharename\directory\path\file.txt”;

using (var proc = Process.Start(“cmd.exe”, “/c “for %%? in (“” + file + “” ) do @echo %%~f?”)”))
// Use Process.StandardOutput to read the output of the command.
using (var output = proc.StandardOutput)


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