Guia Sadt Bradesco Saude Pdf Para Imprimir BEST

Guia Sadt Bradesco Saude Pdf Para Imprimir BEST


Guia Sadt Bradesco Saude Pdf Para Imprimir

Guia sadt bradesco saude pdf para imprimir · Salesforce Soql developer V5.1.kskip.mdl – KSKIP
Guia sadt bradesco saude para imprimir


Well, as you can guess, your server is sending the wrong mime type (application/octet-stream) for the extension you specified. And the user agent, for some reason, is requesting this file on the client side, which is why you are receiving the response you are receiving.
You can either modify the server configuration to reflect what it should, or you can modify your Java configuration to explicitly request this format.
In the first case, you can either set the mime type:
@RequestMapping(value = “/pdf”,
method = RequestMethod.GET)
public ResponseEntity getPdfReport() {
ResponseEntity reponseEntity = new ResponseEntity(

return reponseEntity;

Or you can include the MediaType in your request’s headers. To do this, you can use RequestMappingHandlerAdapter’s getMappingFor method, then add your headers to the request:
public class MyController {

@RequestMapping(value = “/pdf”, method = RequestMethod.GET)
public ResponseEntity getPdfReport() {

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