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Although AutoCAD was not originally intended as a commercial product, it was commercialized almost immediately by its development team. In November 1982, Autodesk produced the first version of AutoCAD on a microcomputer, the MSX personal computer (PC).

AutoCAD is the world’s second-best-selling CAD application and is sold in more than 130 countries around the world.

This article focuses on AutoCAD’s computer-aided drafting (CAD) features and overview of its key elements. For information on AutoCAD’s related software, visit

What is AutoCAD?

AutoCAD is a software application for designing, drawing, and drafting 3D and 2D models. In addition to the 3D features, it also includes other drawing tools, and it can be used to create technical drawings, specifications, design documentation, and more.

The following graphic shows a sample AutoCAD drawing:

A drawing of a single block in a steel shaft. The three horizontal lines on the block represent the three axis that intersect at the center of the block.

Two views of the same drawing. The top view (with the blue cylinder in the foreground) shows the block’s overall geometry. The bottom view (with the gray cylinder in the foreground) shows the block’s surface (or cross-section) geometry.

What makes AutoCAD a specialized CAD application?

While the other popular CAD programs listed here work on a similar model, their applications are designed for a range of tasks. AutoCAD, on the other hand, is designed for drafting and designing a very specific type of technical drawing: the detailed 3D drawing of a mechanical or architectural object. The following sections examine the specific features and functions of AutoCAD, including:

Drafting and designing a block or line drawing

Creating a parametric drawing

Using measure, mark, and draw tools

Creating 3D geometry and parametric modeling

Using camera tools

Using direct and reverse engineering tools

Using datums, coordinates, and layers

Creating 2D and 3D drawings

Modeling parametric geometry

Using advanced drawing functions

Using imported and native AutoCAD objects

Drafting and designing a block or line drawing

The heart of AutoCAD is its software for drafting and designing 3D drawings. These 3D drawings are

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Autodesk has introduced both social and cloud-based collaboration tools.

The most well known of the social collaboration products is Bravo, first released in 2005. A non-profit organisation launched in 2006, Bravo is now a free application. It integrates into an organization’s social structure and promotes collaboration and social networking.

Bravo was originally designed to connect and enhance three primary areas within an organization: Business Development, Marketing and Product Development. Now, in its newer version, Bravo can be used to connect project teams and exchange ideas and concepts.

As an application, Bravo offers team building, knowledge management, business intelligence and a simple system for handling business processes.

Collaborative Technology

Collaborative Technology (or SharePoint) is a web-based solution designed to allow for the integration of different types of business-specific applications. According to a SharePoint 2010 survey, 60% of Fortune 500 companies are currently using some form of SharePoint, and this figure is expected to rise as the market continues to grow. Collaborative Technology is also used by individuals outside the corporate environment.

Most of the tools are developed by Adobe and Microsoft and the application is usually available free of charge. SharePoint has been used by organizations of all sizes to share and exchange ideas and information, and has a Web-based user interface, which allows for easy deployment in any location, and encourages collaboration between individuals and groups.

Project portfolio management
As an engineering and project management tool, project portfolio management provides a central, integrated view of an organization’s projects and project information. With a more easily accessible view of all information, Project portfolio management helps to increase productivity and efficiency in a project-based organization.

There are many different types of project portfolio management tools, such as Mavenlink, WebCAT, and Visio Service Center.

Autodesk Revit is a parametric 3D architectural CAD system. Revit can be used to draw, model, and animate building-related 3D objects. Its parametric capabilities allow for easily generating building-specific 3D designs. The software is said to be easy to learn for architects, engineers, and draftsmen. Revit can also be used for mechanical and electrical engineering, structure design, and lighting design.

The software is said to provide a lot of engineering design workstations and project tracking abilities. One of its most useful features is that it can be used on

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Open Autocad and create an elevation terrain or file if you haven’t yet done so.

Go to File->Load… and load the file you created.

The structure of the terrain should be as follows:

What’s New In?

Meet a new, more powerful and innovative integration for AutoCAD. AutoCAD 2023 will enable you to browse the Internet, search for information and bring it to your drawing. This feature is called Knowledge-based drawings, and it allows you to share information from the Web.

The new line feature makes it easier to print around curves and improve the visibility of precise lines. The line feature also offers more control over the quality of the printed line and more control over the color of the line.

Freehand placement tools:

Create 2D and 3D freehand shapes for easy and precise placement in the drawing.

Freehand lines will draw automatically with snapping and recognition, using the AutoCAD object manager.

Circle and arc, multi-point, closed polygons, and splines are all supported.

Vector drawings:

Easily create, modify and export vector graphics. Draw any objects as line, curve or spline using an intelligent context-based line feature.

Support for vector graphics and drawings is available in many areas of the software, including linework and paths, editing, command tabs, construction tools, add-ins, advanced drawing tools, and exporting to various file formats.

Parallel Coordinate System (PCS):

Use the PCS in your drawings to orient on-screen objects, align them accurately on physical objects and print the correct scale in your drawings.

Graphic settings:

Get familiar with the look of a setting without having to modify all the properties in a dialog box.

You can add a new style to the Options dialog box (Data/Styles and Parameters/Color/Palettes), and then apply the new style instantly to existing drawings.

Drag and drop:

Drag and drop graphical elements is a new feature that allows you to easily rearrange drawing elements.

Support for online drawing:

You can now share your drawings on the Web and include annotations in your drawings to keep discussions and documentation of your designs ongoing.

You can edit the drawings in several of the software’s formats on the Web.

A new linked annotation feature will automatically create links to similar drawings on your local network when you use annotations.

Linking to external files:

Linking to external files (such as DWG and DXF files) is now possible from some

System Requirements:

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