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Monday, February 18, 2012

Paradigm of the Week: The “camel” strategy

“In war, the trick is to surprise the enemy. You can usually do that by going for a game plan that seems to be a draw, but which actually has one element that the enemy hasn’t thought of. And the element may be small, but it can have a major impact.”

– Robert Altemeyer, writing in the Harvard Educational Review in 1980

Sounds like the camel strategy, doesn’t it?

We spent some time this weekend talking about how to run a program like ours. We’re a small center, and we have a relative freedom to follow our own process. The kids are very much involved in what we’re doing. In one of our conversations, there came up an interesting issue about how to accomplish something very specific. Because of time constraints and schedules, there wasn’t a good way to get the kids involved in the process before the point at which we needed them to be.

I should make it clear that what I’m talking about here applies to a school setting. It doesn’t mean, however, that we do the same thing in our afterschool program. Most of the kids we have are kids who are coming to us because they are under functioning. Most of them are under functioning and having difficulty paying attention to activities. They’re also chronically disruptive and defiant, and the first thing we need to do is get a handle on that aspect of the situation. We can get down the other aspects, but for a kid who is inclined to be disruptive and defiant, those issues are going to be a lot harder to tackle. So when I was thinking about what was going to happen, I started to think about how I had done it before, and I realized that what I had been doing was basically what Altemeyer was talking about. I’ve come across this kind of thing in a variety of settings. Here are some examples.

In a Saturday Science Club for a bunch of public school students. These kids are in 3rd and 4th grade. We give them a bag of materials, and they spend time talking to the kids they’re working with, observing them, answering questions they have about the material, etc. At the end, the kids explain to the parents what they’ve learned.

In a volunteer run program

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