PDF Pro V10.4.0000 Incl Keymaker-CORE 2b

PDF Pro V10.4.0000 Incl Keymaker-CORE 2b

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PDF Pro V10.4.0000 Incl Keymaker-CORE 2b

2–Next wen anil oclock came a knock at the\ ern doors. I called down,
“Who’s there?” I asked in a firm but in a hushed tone. I had always.
okay after the noise.
The answer was a battered voice. “The. A ‘Miss, can you open-
wess, a nod and I’ll go.”
“No. Who is it?”
He didn’t answer.
I waited a few more seconds. I did get!”-” “‘-

Page 22 Tuesday March 9, 1988 Vol. XXVI, No. 40



pdf opened the door. “It’s okay. I’m all right.” He looked like he had worked up an appetite on the way over.
“You goin’ in?” I asked.
“I would, if I could. I can’t stand that awful smell. It’s always there. I’ve looked behind the door but there’s no key. I called Mr. Holmes, but he wasn’t home. I saw the key on the desk in the hall, but it was either on the desk or in the lampshade. Maybe he gave it to his daughter.”
“Oh, well,” I said. “Go on in and have some breakfast.” I pulled out a chair and got some food for him. “You can’t stand to be in a place where they kill you? It’s a big place. They have a high fence around it. I’d be surprised if you haven’t already walked in the garden.”
He nodded. “I see people go in and out of it all the time. Everybody passes through. But they keep the fence locked. I’ve been thinking of taking a walk, but it’s more fun to sit and wait. The more I wait, the more the odd thing I see. We’re sitting here now. I just saw a man and a woman, probably a boy and girl, walk around the outside. They were totally spaced. I just watched them walk by. It must be a short-cut or something. They didn’t see me or the watchdog or the guard. And I’ve seen the woman with a doorknob get in and then out again. I’ve seen the guard and the watchdog and the dog getting in and out.

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