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Cuteness. Most of us, at some point in our lives, have acted like a stupid-assed child, and it can make us feel pretty stupid. But, even if you aren’t a huge cuddlebug, there is something about the idea of being a little puppy with a cute puppy that makes you do some crazy shit. Or, at least, that’s how it is for me. Nothing feels better than being a little kitten who lives inside a little kittennest. But a good date doesn’t have to be a date in front of a photographer. It can be a date where you and your date listen to Pavement. It can be a date where you and your date get boozy chai tea lattes in a coffee shop. It can be a date where you and your date appreciate a sunset from a chair on the back patio. It can be a date where you and your date help your mother with her groceries. Whatever it is, if you make the effort to be a little doggable this Valentine’s Day, maybe someone (yourself, your date, or that weird guy with the cuddlebunnies on Facebook) will notice. What Makes Someone Attractive? People always want to be turned on or turned off by something, and even if you don’t see what draws someone else in, you can still look for that. If you find yourself attracted to someone physically, start by paying attention to the details: Do they have soft, not chapped, fingers? Are their eyes exactly the way you like yours, and what if they even have sunglasses? Do they have crooked teeth? Are their hands calloused, or smooth, warm, or cold? If you’re looking for someone with good mental health, check out their friends. Is their friend group physically fit, or is there at least one chick who is chubby/big-boned/curvy (I’m not trying to make fun, I literally can’t look past a few extra pounds on a gal). If they have a solid career, ask them what it is. Is it the top-ranked school, or just a college? Do they have a side gig, or is it just a full-time gig? Is it even a real job? Do they own their own business? If you are looking for someone who takes care of themselves, their friends, and their pets, watch to see if they do. Getting a Lady to Give You Five Roses: If there’s one
So, before we get started, there are a few things you need to know: 1) You’re probably not the best match for everyone According to dating website, men and women fall in love for many different reasons. But according to the site, all that love-at-first-sight stuff happens when two people share many common interests and have a connection that is, well, more than just physical. “Chemistry is a fundamental interest in someone,” explains Peter Trapp, vice president of relationships at “Someone who laughs at a joke I make—someone who is an amazing listener, someone who is excited to see me at the same time as I am excited to see them… it’s not always about looks, it’s about the feeling and the sense that we kind of become best friends the second we meet one another.” So, while we’d love it if you have a long-lost twin brother, or share mutual friends with everyone you’ve ever dated, (even if they share mutual friends with everyone they’ve ever dated), there’s no rule that says you have to make someone you date into your perfect match. “You need to identify what you like about the people you meet and what makes them different from the rest,” Trapp says. “What do they like about you? Do you have similar interests? Do you want someone who’s creative? Are you looking for someone who’s conservative? You need to identify those things in order to figure out if there’s any potential connection.” In short: Don’t expect all of your dates to make you “crack the code” and give you that “ah-ha” moment where you know you’re meant to be together. 2) The best way to get over a break-up is to start the process of dating again If you’re in the throes of a bad break-up, the idea of sharing your feelings and exposing yourself to new opportunities might feel more painful than anything else. But if you’re just looking to get on with your life, come July, you may realize that the best way to move on is by dating again. It’s true. “It’s called the rebound effect,” explains Dr. Arielle Lavigne, a counselor and author of Keep Your Marbles Straight: How To Handle The Intense Emotional Roller Coaster Of Dating. “There’s a point when something makes you feel better—when you end

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