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Narrated by Nathan Crowley, Curatours journeys through the Museum of Plastic – a place of science, art, industry, and imagination. Here the story of plastic starts to come together. Through the different parts of the museum and the different types of artefacts a story emerges of how plastic came to be and its impact on our environment and the future of humanity. The Museum of Plastic aims to provide an entry point to the history, science, industry and future of plastic and to create greater awareness of the problems caused by plastics pollution. The museum explores the past, the present, and the future by combining the humanities and the sciences. The museum is open, free and always online. All tours are available worldwide! Main Features: Become an expert explorer. Explore incredible places packed with art, artefacts, stories, and friends. Curatours is available through desktop, phones and VR headsets. Connected and collaborative tours that involve other people in the world. Accessible anywhere, on desktop, mobile, or VR headsets. Self-guided tours can happen at anytime. See the Plastic Bank, a research institute and front-line care facility for plastics pollution and its effects on the natural world. See how plastic was once used as an oil replacement, and discuss the role of plastic in our everyday lives. Find out the social and environmental impact of plastic production, waste and consumption. Discover the little-known stories behind the history of plastic and how the first plastic was invented. Learn why some of the objects at the museum are not plastic objects – they’re stuffed animal toys from the toy attic. Learn about plastic pollution and think about how the Museum of Plastic can help you save the planet and make a difference for you and future generations. Discover amazing artworks and artefacts of the museum. Become an artist to create your own stories of plastic using objects of the museum and your imagination. If you enjoy the tour, please help us cover the costs of running the Museum of Plastic by buying a t-shirt or coffee mugs from the museum shop. Thank you! published:21 Jul 2017 views:23039 Worldcrash2011 is the rebranding of the yearly disaster game called BideYourTime, played within this years gamescom. The same game will be released on steam after some improvements and bug fixes. This year’s game is a little


Features Key:

  • choose your destiny,
  • display 3D maps,
  • display drawings of your caravan,
  • opportunities to rent some goods,


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Curatours is a world first: a physical museum tour with a game. A part of the final exhibition at 100 years in 2021, Museum of Plastic 2121 has been designed to be a hand-held, virtual museum. Its interactive elements give the experience the feeling of a game. A virtual museum where it’s possible to go on an interactive walkthrough and access specialist content. A museum you would never need to leave. Only the intensity of an investigation would encourage you to leave your armchair and delve deeper into the story of plastic. This is the future. This is the history you want to uncover. This is your chance to discover this place. Curatours: For information on the Museum of Plastic, visit To join your friends, become a member of the Curatours community. Log in at To find out more about the Museum of Plastic visit Join us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Instagram: This film is an accessible version of the exhibition. This is a kind to the visually impaired, including a text description for hearing impaired people. For more information please click here What The World Can Be The short film ‘What the World Can Be’ is an inspiring film about the 100,000 people worldwide who’ve been helped into employment through the ‘Right to Work initiative’ and is aimed at raising awareness about sustainable and low-carbon development. It follows the journey of three women, working on the Vakai VakaiFSCCA, a Finnish cooperative which supports cotton farmers and provides them with financial services, credit and insurance. KazaaTalk – Integra – The Opportunist – Episode 11 Shirley Kemle here. In this episode we have Shirley Kemle who is our special guest star and author of a new book called “BREAK the code of IGNORANCE in our world!”. She talks with Integra and Chas. She is a very successful Internet entrepreneur who has been featured on CNN, Fox News, d41b202975


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You need to fill up a tank with plastic to prevent it from destroying the earth. Find the right path along the map, enjoy the bonus points and collect as much plastic as possible.FEATURES* Load and off you go!* Surfing of the map* Metrics and observations* Ride time and distance* Points, bonuses, achievements* Left to right direction* Various sceneries iPhone Screenshots Customer Reviews Really amazing by Cait I love the idea of this app – creative and educating – but the app itself is very laggy and slow. If I tap to scroll the map the app slows down for like a second and then speeds back up. If I zoom in on my location or on a shop sign – every second it lags, and scrolls and freezes. Very frustrating. All of the videos on this app are clips from, and some others. I don’t know if that was the app developer’s choice but there are so many better videos. Amazing concept with great potential by D. G. Curatours is a really interesting concept. We found our tour guide to be well-informed, informative and entertaining. We were blessed to have access to great content (including exclusive talks and behind-the-scenes footage) and we were able to ask questions throughout the tour. As mentioned in other reviews, the app is really buggy and slow. There are way too many ads in this app. One of the features I personally enjoy is the ability to ask a question of my tour guide via Google hangout (which, surprisingly, worked really well!). As a small business owner, I can see this app having many potential uses. I’d love to see a path to connection between tours and stores that could let businesses monitor or book these tours at the store level. I’d like to see a way to create a person-to-person connection between guests and their tour guides (maybe even access curated lists of questions to ask your tour guide). If you are an entrepreneur/small business owner and you’re interested in an app that offers the same sort of educational experience of the museum app, this is definitely worth checking out! Incredible by 100K I love the concept of curatours but there is a glitch with this app. It is laggy and the fastest way to get to a place is to wait till it finds


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