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Dream Daddy is a philosophical, interactive and introspective text adventure game in which the player assumes the role of a troubled five year old boy. In a mysterious place called the Daddy Game, children share their deepest desires with dream daddies. Rejected by his father, who left him on Christmas Day, the player ventures through a rambling house in search of his father. As he explores his father’s house, he is confronted with a series of puzzle-based challenges which involve both relationships and life philosophy. Key Features:
o A twist on the Monkey Island genre, which combines sublime graphics with a unique point-and-click interface.
o A deeply moral, meditative and introspective experience.
o One of the most beautiful games of 2014.
o The English translation is faithful to the French original.

Speaking of which, it is my absolute pleasure to present you, dear reader, with a snippet from my explorations into the world of Dream Daddy, courtesy of a little internet research on the topic:

Dream Daddy is the story of a five-year-old boy whose father left him for being a poor excuse for a father. As the protagonist, you must visit a dream world where you can either play or explore, depending on your desired mood. In this world, you’ll be met by characters who are used as interpretations of parental relationships. Accepting or rejecting the characters’ interpretations will ultimately determine what type of world you see in the game’s end. You will be required to make split-second decisions about these characters. Your actions in each world affect your interactions with the characters in subsequent areas. There is no right or wrong, although, sadly, wrong decisions can have consequences. As you make decisions you’ll be influenced by the choices you’ve made in previous interactions. There are 14 endings to play through, depending on your choices. There are different endings for each type of relationship you’ve formed with the characters. You can’t re-enter areas until you finish the current playthrough, although you can select an alternate ending if you fail the game. There are no warnings, no text, no cheats, and no dialogue to help you play through. The only clues to solving puzzles are in some of the areas, but you’ll be expected to play through the story and see some of the important gameplay mechanics for yourself.

Dream Daddy is an interactive personal story, so one must think about


Features Key:

  • Enhanced User Interface
  • Realistic Real-time Battle System
  • Store Over 5000 Personal Battle Records
  • Fight against thousands of Players from around the World


Story Mode

  • 900+ Beautifully Handcrafted Levels
  • Super-Challenging Boss Battles
  • Large Friend-System

Casual Mode

  • Deal damage to countless Enemies
  • Oh, and of course the most important thing: Enter in a world with over 5,000 of other Players!

Arcade Mode

  • Endless progression in Career Mode
  • Special Bizarre Modes


Master thrilling Strategy with control over every detail.

  • Fight against Robots and Copycats right from the start
  • Character will dependantily be level with you when playing
  • All Units are equipped with awesome and convenient Attack functions
  • Character’s powerset is not limited to Attack but also to Support and Health


  • Battle against thousands of Players around the World
  • Achievement System to train your Character further and receive Medals
  • Fight against over 100 Types of monsters in the Story mode
  • Battle with over the Top Heroes in the World
  • Enable to do crafting or crafting enhancement


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The hero is a man who, having failed as a knight in a violent time, abandoned his belongings and assumed the nameless guise of a wandering skier. His quest is a path that leads to self-realization and the restoration of his honor.
The heroine was once a young king’s daughter, until the hero’s arrival. Now, her face is known to every living creature, and she becomes the wife to the hero.
In the pursuit of love and honor, as well as the Kingdom of all Overlords, the hero and heroine attempt to uncover the darkest secret of the king’s Castle.

We strongly believe in the idea of sharing new ideas and technology through open development of games. This is why we came up with Path-of-Fate: a game in which you can share your fate with other players worldwide. This is a game about the challenges that lie in the horizon and how the choices that you make in this game have an affect on the future of this world.

So, did it really happen? We’ve all been playing Path-of-Fate from the very start, but we’re still in a state of disbelief. The world seems to have fallen under the auspices of the Overlord. A god who resides above the sky and controls the ebb and flow of destiny. This summer, we will be sending out emails to those who registered to see what happened. If you are still here and reading, you’re a winner! We look forward to seeing you on the fantastic, unique world that we have created.

It is important to us that we keep our game freely available to everyone. We want to do everything we can to make sure that we give everyone the chance to enjoy our games. We thank you for your patience and cooperation.

Once again, we’re in the thick of the summer holiday break for Path-of-Fate. While we are out enjoying the sun and beaches of America, we wanted to give you a quick update on the status of the game.

The most significant development update that we’d like to make is that we have just launched a new preorder bundle. If you preorder your copy from now until the game’s official release in September, you will also receive a copy of the first DLC (or the original game, if you already own it) for free!

Check out the new preorder bundle


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@toucharcade: Playing FeelColor games is a meditative and unique experience. It requires patience and concentration. 8/10 ArcadeLife
Game “Hyrule Historia” Gameplay:
@toucharcade: Feeling more like an adventure game than a puzzle game. A new approach to the puzzle genre. 8/10 ArcadeLife
Game “Me & My Hero” Gameplay:
@toucharcade: It’s certainly a fun game! But it’s also frustrating. 6/10 ArcadeLifeWinners for All Year Round- Best 10 is Winners for All Year Round Competition announced. We selected the Best TV shows of the Year 2015

Winners for All Year Round – Best 10


Bubble Tv

Top Shows


M1 X Factor

M1 X Factor-2015





Million Pound Drop

Million Pound Drop-2015


Most Haunted

Most Haunted


Bake Off

Bake Off-Series 3


Epic Rap Battles of History

Epic Rap Battles of History





The Doctors

The Doctors-Series 2


Made in Chelsea

Made in Chelsea


Ru Paul’s Drag Race

Ru Paul’s Drag Race-Jumping Ship

Thank you for visiting at Bubble Tv. Our team is working very hard to provide quality and relevant content to our website visitors. Bubble Tv is a property of JVC MEDIA inc.‘Eternal Love’ is vital, transcendent experience

On Saturday, I traveled to Sausalito to join thousands of others for a wedding ceremony of unending love. At that time, it had been a long time since I had felt the circle of that type of love around me. So thank you to the couple, and their families, who made this sweet journey possible.

You would have thought that the thing to say was, “I’m so happy for you,” or, “How wonderful that you are united.” But the reality was this: They were neither experiencing joy in the marriage ceremony nor a sacrament of purity.

They were not purifying


What’s new in Hero Of Many:

UoM partnered with Amzoth’s to put together a giveaway with an awesome assortment of adventure maps and cosmetic items from Mummy’s Mask to more than one thousand gold and cash prizes!

The winner chose a map of their choosing for myself to get a Mummy’s Mask and 1000 gold. The other 1000 gold winners will receive a map named after them (and their character name in-game). All of the cosmetics below will go to one winner (I’m sure you can all think of many like me!).

Stay tuned for more details as we move closer to the giveaway starting on 28th!

Images will be added soon.

You might be wondering what the contest has in store for you! There are many opportunities to get a few of these items for your PVE dungeon runners. The more you interact with UoM, the more chances you have of giving a map from this contest to your alts! I’m not suggesting that you put together a community effort and send me for free, but I have good relationships with many of the people running dungeons so I am able to make an approach for you. If you are not listed in the above email, you are not eligible for the contest.

New releases of UoM from myself and the many active contributors on the forums are the first priority. Mummy’s Mask, Murfy’s Mask, and 4000 gold will go to a successful party of two.

How to get more gold

1. Make an offer on something at the Auction House on UoM. Offer a fair return for what you are purchasing.

2. Walk down at the Main Gate, talk to the guard (or ask around on the forums what you can contribute toward the store) to get a bit of free gold.

3. Contribute to the fed unique chat with the argument “AUCTION ON UO”. Look for the /auction command on the chat.

4. If you are lucky, you may find me doing some sarcasm during this party and discussing the auction what isn’t what’s being sold, what I am offering, or anything else. I love it. It makes me feel like I am a part of the community in a more casual setting!

Summing it up, in one big sentence

Make use of the chat! There are many ways to get gold.

How to get a map


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  • Seoul Protocol

    The Seoul Protocol is the standard formula for completing a peace treaty, regulating the relations between Germany and Korea after World War II, and provides the basis for Korean-German relations.

    The protocol was concluded at a meeting in Seoul on July 2, 1953, and made its way into international law thanks to the Bretton Woods Agreements in 1944 and the subsequent Treaty of San Francisco in 1972.

    While the agreement was an end to the war, it was also an agreement creating the basis for the future relations between the two countries. The protocol was signed by Korean leaders Syngman Rhee and Han Myeong-sook; their later successor Namil Shinju; and Alice Harris, an official of the United Nations.

    The protocol, according to Article 1, establishes that “neither of the High Contracting Parties makes any alteration in the status quo of the Korean Peninsula resulting from the military operations.” This means that all areas captured or liberated by the North or South during the war would not become a part of the Han Empire and people would not be deported from the areas given to them by Korea under Japanese rule (mainly Shanghai and other parts of China). The protocol also states that “neither of the High Contracting Parties believes it proper to impose mandates on or receive mandates from the other High Contracting Party.”

    The protocol has been modified by the Dong-A Ilbo through the issuance of treaty revision bills (TalCaps) which allow Japan and North Korea to execute land swaps in the areas they claim as their



    System Requirements:

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 or Radeon R9 290 or greater for Mac OS X v10.11 or greater, or Intel HD Graphics 4000 or greater for Windows 7 or greater.
    AMD Radeon HD 7850 or greater for Windows 10 v1803 or greater
    Intel Core i5-4570 or greater for Windows 10 v1803 or greater
    Minimum 2 GB VRAM
    Apple-certified USB 3.0 (not USB 2.0) port with a sleep/wake USB keyboard
    A MacBook with Retina Display or external monitor with DisplayPort 1



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