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Laia, Agni’s Fire Apprentice
Meet the world of Iberis, a world that deserves to die. Fifteen years ago, a Gean Inquisition arrived in Iberis and introduced war. Nations and tribes were scattered in different countries in the world.
Our current protagonist is a pre-adolescent girl, who doesn’t know what happened to her, but she happens to be the only known Anointed. Suddenly, the cultist’s influence in Iberis will change the course of history, and this will be a story about how she restores peace, when she was given a mission to do so. However, to face this challenge, they need to find the true identity of the Anointed, their source of power, and stop the Ritual of Awakening.
Who will go on this adventure?
Evan, Agni’s Warrior Apprentice
Evan is a young man who has fled from his land where he lived for a long time. He lives in a completely different world, with a huge family he was raised with.
After hearing what happened to Laia, he decided to protect her and together, they will begin their journeys in Iberis. He has been the Fire Apprentice in Agni’s school and has studied the skills for the various jobs, but none is the one he was hoping for.
However, he is ready to face anything, even the disappearance of his sister who has been gone for a while now.
This is an RPG story with a compelling character development system inspired by classics like Final Fantasy IX or Golden Sun. You will play as these two, and you will experience the lands that they visit, with a different setting for each one.
How do I play Project Apax?
– Complete over 70 hours of quests, and choose a party of 4 characters
– Battle many enemies
– Engage in turn-based battles
– Gather items to equip your characters
– Discover new characters and skills
– Choose between two very different environments
– Discover the secrets of the game by exploring dungeons
– Talk with NPCs and use dialogue trees to make decisions and change the outcome of the story
This is not a traditional JRPG, and you will have to face new challenges while playing the game.
You will need to:
– Save your progress in case you have to restart the game
– Explore the whole world of Iberis and its two continents
– Find and equip items to increase the effectiveness of


Features Key:

  • A Real-Time Online Multi-Player
  • Real-Time Multiplayer Game
  • Run the game and write your own play
  • Multi-Account & Multi-Game
  • Flexible Widget integration for Windows
  • Extend your game logic
  • Android FPS / game development Open Source Platform
  • Open Network, Multi-Platform, Chat, Remap
  • SDK Support for Java, Python, C#, Game Maker, C
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    Project Apax Features:

    • A Real-Time Online Multi-Player
    • Real-Time Multiplayer Game
    • Run the game and write your own play
    • Multi-Account & Multi-Game
    • Flexible Widget integration for Windows
    • Extend your game logic

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      Sister of the Elder Brothers and Master of Iberis, Laia is a wise woman who was raised to protect the world from the impending threat. With the help of Evan, her assistant, she embarks on an adventure to discover the secrets of her past in a world about to be called into Chaos.
      Long ago, the child Laia was entrusted with the guardianship of the continent Iberis, and only she knew the ancient magic that kept Iberis away from the Gods. Now, years have passed and the threat of the coming End has begun its final, deadly journey.

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      Realtime turn-based combat:You can access a menu in battle that allows you to do the following:Use an action if you prefer to skip a turn;Reload weapons, equip a shield, use a potion or a secondary skill.Three classes:Two heroes of the game (or three if you play with Evan, the Saint): a battle-hardened adventurer, a trickster no-nonsense character with a lot of tricks up his sleeve and an insightful priest.Four adversaries: a guard with his pick-axe, a wizard with a staff and a net, a knight armed with a sword and shield, and a goliath with his battering-ram.Choose from one of nine armor types:Light leather, steel, chain mail, wood, leather, iron, steel, stone, horn.Equip a variety of armaments:Primary weapons: small and heavy hammers, spears, halberds, swords.Secondary weapons: small shields, maces, polearms, axes, hammers.Mounts: steeds, palfreys, mules.Equip secondary weapons: both slings and throwing spears.Potion use: time, energy, attack, defense.Relic use: it grants secondary skills or damage bonuses.Equip secondary weapons: both light and heavy crossbows.Missiles: the player has the right to use missiles such as javelins, arrows and crossbow bolts.Resources: healing potions, food and other items.Demons and fights, in IberisThe enemies in the game are real and responsive to your actions.Actions or conversation: Iberis is a map with cities with different landscapes and enemies at all times. You can choose to fight or explore to find out more about the lands, the dungeons and the fight.Surrounding monsters or areas: from the desert, grasslands, mountains, or city streets.Final battles and bosses: from feasting dragons, old forgotten gods and heroes that watch over us.Enter a cave or abandon it in some cases. It is a challenge!No two fights are the same. You never know what kind of encounter you are going to have in Iberis.The player has the right to abandon some parts of the game if he finds them too hard or impossible, but he must return to them later.The dialogues are different each time you play through a game.Our adventure through IberisFantasy worldProject Apax is inspired by a few classic RPGs and classic anime


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