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Name Raiden IV: OverKill
Publisher lasjav
Format File
Rating 4.68 / 5 ( 7638 votes )
Update (8 days ago)



Raiden IV: Overkill combines the old 2D Raiden action with a brand new 3D perspective.
Hit your targets with ease while taking on massive enemies and bosses in an in-depth turn-based action game.

From the reviews for the previous game, you’d have a clue of what to expect:

The reviews for the previous games were generally positive, with the lack of depth being the only critic point. You can check them out here:

When it comes to the graphics, it seems as though it was never a problem for the developers:

We could not find any real problems with the graphics, except the aspect of music could use a little touch-up, as well as the title screen, but I guess those are expected for the quality of a mobile game.

I’d like to get away from the review thing, and just use words to describe the game, so I’m just gonna throw it up.

The Gameplay

After getting a turn, you’ll get some sort of orders from either your comrades or yourself, which usually will grant you some sort of attack power or support/defense buffs. From there, you’ll get a turn, and you’ll get a certain number of days in which you can take your turn.

As for the graphics, it’s…well…good. The voice acting is all done pretty well, with only one character, our captain, who speaks with an American accent. The game screen is all done in screen-filling colors, and there’s a smidgen of eyecandy, as well as basic decoration.

The gameplay itself is all well done, and it does a good job of keeping things fresh. There are random events that can happen from time to time, and while the effects are small, they’re just enough to add a bit of humor to the game.

While there’s only one character and the overall length isn’t really that long, the game doesn’t end really, rather, it just skips right over. It doesn’t do it so that you don’t feel left out, it’s just to add a nice little touch to the game.

The Combat

As a standard game of Raiden, there’s a lot to be said for the combat. It’s simple and familiar enough, yet it doesn’t feel stale.

You have your standard moves, which can attack three times and include a sword, which can be used to slash,


Name Raiden IV: OverKill
Publisher lasjav
Format File
Rating 4.68 / 5 ( 7638 votes )
Update (8 days ago)


Raiden IV: OverKill Features Key:

  • Brand new storyline, Blackstone Gates and Five Patriarch’s
  • New over-the-top action, multiple characters, and hordes of enemies
  • New playable characters, Battle-weary Ryudo, Tulle, Erda, and Kalamea
  • Other characters from different worlds, including Toria, Ryudo’s dog, and Ryuko, Ryuumori and Shakkii’s daughter
  • Extended ending, four possible endingsArkhangels Arkhangels Arkhangels


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    “The Developer’s Cut of Raiden IV” to understand the huge changes it has received
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    The game is now playable with a single “Charge” per turn, making it far easier to control. The game is still difficult though.
    Developer “Sekiro Team”
    Publisher “Sekiro Team”
    Platforms “SteamOS” and “Other”
    Genre “Shooter”
    * The game functions on PC, Mac and Linux.
    * The Game uses Steam

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    What’s new in Raiden IV: OverKill:

    is a third-person shooter video game developed by Climax Entertainment and published by Sega in 1998 for the Sega Saturn in Japan. It is the sequel to 1996’s Raiden. It was ported to Saturn via PSX, Dreamcast and Arcade on May 28, 1998 by Naxus Technologies. It was never released outside Japan. It was the first video game developed by Climax Entertainment to be published by Sega.

    Before the release of Raiden IV OverKill in Japan, the developers at Climax Entertainment boasted that they were the most advanced developers of the Sega Saturn. Raiden IV remains true to that belief. Climax Entertainment expanded on Raiden III in almost every way that it could. And unlike with the Sega Saturn version of Raiden III, Climax Entertainment included a total of three bosses as the final boss. The skills of Raiden were also expanded on.

    The game features 51 missions, a total of 379 enemies and 4 bosses. The game has been noted for its use of analogue sticks, unlike Raiden III’s stick-based control system. Raiden IV also features a ranking system, gained by destroying enemies, which can be raised in level or enhanced by collecting ‘presents’.


    After the Battle of the Titans, Raiden escapes in his new design, the Alpha Mk.V, and after luring the remaining seven Titans, the Big-One, into a trap, escapes from them again, and hides. After a long battle with the Titans and obstacles that they throw at him, Raiden summons his newly upgraded Ark to confront Neptune.

    Raiden and his new friend, Todoroki, the human soldier in the Ark, make their way into the new grounds of the Celestial Empire, along with four new Titans, Kamui, Asagi, Uekawa and Ozawa. After slaying the three chimeras and annihilating Asagi and Asagi, they meet with Lea, a blue-haired mermaid and friend of Raiden. Raiden’s past is revealed to him by Lea, who says that she was sent down below the ocean by scientists to find Raiden after his battles. She says that they are close friends, and she will look after Raiden well.

    After killing the governor and escaping, Raiden and Todoroki are attacked by several Big-One Titans, and reinforcements arrive, with Raiden’s friend, Phi, joining the fight. The pair are captured and brought before the remaining three


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    How To Install & Crack Game Raiden IV: OverKill:

    • Download Game in link below and run setup file.
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    System Requirements:

    OS: Microsoft Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP
    Processor: Pentium® IV 3.2 GHz
    Memory: 1 GB RAM
    Storage: 200 MB available space
    Graphics: DirectX 9.0c compatible graphics card (1024 x 768 resolution)
    Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card
    Processor: Athlon™ XP 1.8 GHz or AMD Athlon™ 64 2.4 GHz


    Name Raiden IV: OverKill
    Publisher lasjav
    Format File
    Rating 4.68 / 5 ( 7638 votes )
    Update (8 days ago)


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