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The Rabbit and The Owl is a narrative-driven puzzle platformer built for cooperative play and interpretation. The titular characters are two kindred spirits who are confined to a realm of light and dark, and are only able to progress through constant cooperation. Each puzzle requires you to navigate the world and utilise the characters’ special abilities to reach their respective goals. The game is set in the ancient world of Yril, a once vibrant land now a faded shell of its former self. At an uncertain point in time, two kindred spirits have manifested themselves as the Rabbit and the Owl. You will guide them through tranquil forests, harsh deserts, crumbling cities, and more, through a tangled web of supernatural phenomenon and ancient mythology.Read more: Gameplay Features:- Rich puzzles: The game naturally introduces and teaches puzzle-solving concepts as you progress. Each puzzle may draw on concepts learned before, but always has a specific light bulb moment that is unique only to that level. Variety is the spice of life!- Low mechanical skill ceiling: Mechanical execution of moving the characters, activating switches, using special abilities, etc. is designed to be less demanding for players who may not be the best at platformers or games in general. The puzzles are mostly solved through careful analysis of what to do — the difficulty of actually completing them is kept to a minimum.- Atmospheric, cohesive aesthetics: Unique, painterly artwork for every level and a soothing, original soundtrack to complement the game and the story.Q:

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Features Key:

  • In the Left Drawer area, you will find 2 exciting games for you to play: The Rabbit and The Owl game and Ultimate Dodgeball game.
  • The 3rd drawer has 3 more interesting and exciting game for you to play: Card Game, Expert Parking and The Snake Eater.
  • In the Left Drawer area, press F1 button to rename buttons.
  • Press any button to place the character on screen.


  • The Rabbit and The Owl game which is back view based.
  • The Rabbit and The Owl game controls can be found in Specifications.
  • In the Left Drawer area, press F1 button to rename buttons.
  • Press any button to place the character on screen.


The Rabbit And The Owl Crack + Download

We are a newly formed corporation, so our financials may be a little tight. That doesn’t mean we haven’t been acquiring game assets at a furious rate. We’re excited to be able to share with you our next title, The Rabbit and The Owl Cracked Version, which explores the relationship between two characters. As one character, the Owl, you will journey to Mount Rulnar as part of a rite of passage to retrieve the missing portion of a mysterious artifact. Once you make it all the way to the bottom, you’ll encounter the Rabbit and his new companion, the Little Rabbit. Yes, the Rabbit is your friend and he’s here for you, and he’ll have the artifact he needs to return to where it belongs. Co-op is the big focus of this game, which will allow you to share the experience with another player. We’ve designed the game to be the ultimate cooperative experience for both you and your friend. As the Owl, you will find yourself in a riddle and lark all at once. You must use the abilities of your trusty servant, the Rabbit, to solve puzzles and keep a cool head. You’ll be able to read a lot of character dialog, and it’s incredible how much story can be packed into the world through the art, music, and dialog. It’s a beautiful world and a great adventure.Sincerely, the developersThe Rabbit and The Owl was created by Donkey Club.
[center]Technical Features[/center]
Accomplish Your Goals – Working in cooperation, the Rabbit and the Owl solve the challenges of the world and reach their goals. Be creative, keep an open mind, and think how you can communicate to the Owl that he needs to do certain things.
Progress in Style – The game is the result of hours of hard work from its team, both off- and online. The animations are produced by a real-time in-game engine that boasts a variety of features and offers a bit more than what the Unity engine is capable of.
Explore Environments – We’ve lived in and played through the world of The Rabbit and The Owl, exploring the places we’ve built and checking out the items that we’ve created. Our art team has been very busy and these are some of their masterpieces.
Rich Puzzles – Puzzles are always funny, but they need to have meaning for the player to feel satisfied. Additionally, we find that overly-complex puzzles just cause developers to become lazy and “gamey.” So, don’t expect to


The Rabbit And The Owl Crack + License Key Free Download



Fluid, Controlled Graphics

Atmospheric Soundtrack

Co-Op Play (Co-operatively Linked Rooms)

Positive Messages




Enter a room and view the environment on the map; Solve a puzzle and find a new set of unique platforms to move on to. Explore the world and change your perspective to solve puzzles.

Movement: The Rabbit and the Owl use the a

Movement is controlled with the mouse. Click on a character to make them run. Hold the shift key to run while jumping. While both are running, holding the alt key will stop them both.

The Owl will cause some platforms to move up or down.

Rabbits speed is determined by how fast you run.

Browsing environments: While in a room, hold shift and click to use the eye.


The Rabbit is able to use equipment. With each use of an equipment block, the Rabbit’s special ability is used.

Special ability: with each use, the Rabbit’s special ability is used

The ability is used by right-clicking on the ability block.

Each ability has a type. The following table shows which is used by how many and how each ability can be used.

1 2 3 3-4 5+ Use 1 2 2 3 5+ Use 3+ Use (…) Use

Able to use multiple block in the same click

1 block=1 use

2 blocks=2 uses

3+ blocks=3 uses

Abilities: [THE RABBIT] Bunny Hop: By running faster, you can hop over smaller gaps.

Stacking cubes: By sliding a cube across the ground, you can fill a small space.

Directional jetpack: By running, you can launch yourself to a higher position in the air.

Tuck box: By throwing a box, you can fly forward and slow your fall.

Special Ability: Bunny Hop

Abilities: [THE OWL]Sonic Prowl: Running makes you jump and flip.

Boost cubes: By stomping on one of the cubes, you can boost yourself to get over a jump.

Tumble feather: By running, you can catch onto any obstacle that you pass through.


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