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You can’t stop us from going,
You can’t stop our train from rollin’,
From tickin’ tootin’ we’ve got to find
The tracks to take us there.

2055 AD.
Earth has been evacuated. The last humans have moved to the moon, as the apocalyptic impact of a comet hits Earth.
Flying trains and spaceships have been banned and have been outlawed in most countries. Traveling trains and spaceships are now only used by the spy world.
If you want to train in peace then start building your own train sets.
You can even create new spectacular locations.





Take a train to the stars with new buildings, passengers, vehicles and a rocket train. See the view from space!


Switch and move 4 slides on your rocket train: 3 normal slides and 1 train launcher.

Launch your rocket train with the new rocket launcher, which holds 6 rockets. To create the rocket you need a laser drill and you can put in different forms of explosive and to create the fuel and the rocket launcher you need both the power drill and the laser drill. In order to launch the rocket you need to fill it up with water. There are different forms of water, like lake water, sea water, purple water and deadly water. If you miss with your rocket ship, a water splash will bring your train to a halt.

Train your rocket to the moon, where there are dangerous dragons that live and also ruins of what could have been cities, which give you the ability to build new bases.

Travel to a space rover and activate the new space rover by activating the moon base. Once activated you can use the space rover to travel around the moon.

Start building your own tracks which is the most fun. There are 3 types of tracks: train tracks, track crossroads and boost rails.

With rockets, trains and the moon, build a new world. You can create your own track network.

This update also brings you a new moon base with a futuristic look, new flags, a craters, rover and the alien pet.


Tracks – The Train Set Game: Sci-Fi Pack Features Key:

  • Recycling the Tony award-winning 1976 television series’ tracks.
  • Expansive tabletop and indestructible download-to-play game experience.
  • Rich characters with a wide range of dialogue and a few special features.
  • Over 40 original Sci-Fi characters
  • 25 Music…
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    What’s Inside?

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    Tracks – The Train Set Game: Sci-Fi Pack Crack + Free Download

    Based on the award winning toy train set builder Tracks – Toy Box Version 4.0,, this is an expansion that will make your toy train set exciting with a totally new end of level, area of effect rule and a new space ship, UFO, asteroid and alien – UFOs are now available! Along with that comes a new character with a spaceship that is truly enormous. Grab your old trains or new toybox sets and build bigger toy worlds to play with!
    What’s New
    New Buildings – Space Telescope
    New Vehicles – Ark: Earth Sea Boat
    New Characters – Starship – UFO, Alien
    New Rule: Characters will now carry a tolerance (or penalty) on their health when in close proximity to buildings. The tolerance increases, the more crowded the area. The penalty on health will increase when closing in on objects such as buildings (but not when approaching buildings that have passengers inside).
    Areas of Effect – Rockets, Missile Turret, Vehicle, Rocketship
    Changes/Additions – Additional LEO X levels with alternate rules, added new rocket trains, passenger vehicles and asteroids.
    Changes/Additions – 3 new game variations, New Earth and Moon levels with low gravity, 20 themed rooms to decorate, Rocketship engine room, Rocket Gas station (with limited fuel supply), rocket launch area, Rocket Launch Dome (with and without gravity), in case of emergency, Rocket Track bank, Rocket Bank and 18 more more rocket trains to travel on!
    Changes/Additions – 2 new Characters, 4 UFOs and 8 different UFO skins with a Space Shuttle and Orbital Laboratory.
    Expansion Features – An 18 item set of Overlay items (2 Body, 2 of Engineers, 2 of Atmospheres, 10 of Rocket, 4 of Rocket Weapons, 2 of Rocket Hits and 6 of Rocketship Hits), 10 Decorations, 2 Cloud Renders, 10 Items that can be found in all rooms, 30 new theme-able furniture, 5 themes and 6 new UI elements to customise your game.
    See What’s New
    Here’s a video preview – “Rocketship”
    Modders and modders programmers welcome! Please post your feedback on the toybox extension page on the website or via the contact form.
    New Feature Extensibility
    This is an extension to the original Tracks software. As such it’s designed to be very extensible and easy to create new features in. To extend the code we’ve put the extension code (the files with a.xml extension


    Tracks – The Train Set Game: Sci-Fi Pack Crack + Serial Number Full Torrent

    Purchase Tracks – The Train Set Game: Sci-Fi Pack from the in-game store using the game’s name as the search term.

    Unlock this content by purchasing the game

    “Discover the wonder of owning your own Train Set – a relaxing sandbox for all to enjoy. You can make as many worlds as you like and import your creations into other Train Sets. Even if you create a super set, your worlds are seamlessly playable in other Train Sets. Make, import and play anywhere, anytime!Sequel to the award-winning Tiny Tower.”

    “Trackmania features everything you want in a video game that involves train sets. Train sets are actually fun to play, something a lot of people fail to understand. Unlike other sandbox games, Train Mania is a game where you can see your progress and achievements in real time. You can customize your train set and have some fun with all kinds of different themes and theme packs. Tons of themes to choose from, tons of different difficulty levels and events. Games can easily be adjusted to fit any age group. Trackmania is a game I would recommend to anyone who likes train sets.”

    “Trackmania is a really enjoyable game, and one of my favorite. I especially love the many options that you can choose from, as well as the large selection of themes. Once you’ve found your favorite, it will take you years to get bored with it, there are just so many variations.”

    “Trackmania is awesome! It is my favorite sandbox game. Not only do you get to buy and sell buildings, vehicles and decorations. You can also build a track to any size you want and then import it into the game, making it one of the coolest sandbox games out there. Make your own theme, to challenge yourself or to just mess around. I play Trackmania in the bathtub, sitting on the toilet, and anywhere else that I can. I would recommend it to anyone.”

    “Truly the best sandbox game on any platform. In addition to it being more realistic than others, Trackmania is also just a lot of fun. Each game can be challenging, and can be addictive in some cases. Be sure to save often, because saving is pretty easy to do. It is completely customizable, and as long as you have an internet connection, you are good to go. You can even import and export tracks.”

    “There are quite a few sandbox games out there. And they all have the same thing. You can


    What’s new in Tracks – The Train Set Game: Sci-Fi Pack:


    Features- The Train Set Game Sci-Fi Packages is an awesome game with perfect graphic. It offers 60 trains track that you can build and unlimited game that you can play.You can build beautiful railway and set tracks and run the train on them like they way you build the system. Try Play the Free edition and purchase the full version of the game it offers more features and 2 bonus games worth 2000 credits.

    This app will get you in to the facility of the Science Fiction world for sure. With over 600 railroad tracks, you can build the most amazing railroads. From The Martian Rifles to The Warp Gate, the Science Fiction tracklist is made from the dreams of the developers. Break the grounds, tunnel and build the most challenging power station on the rails. The more you play, the more you get to collect! Plus, you can unlock more tracks and unlock items that will help you in the game. It’s on you if you want to reach the top of the leaderboard and be the fastest on the screen.

    Have you ever wondered how 2 trains move at the same time? How can a horse jump over a train with 500 cars? How can the train stop abruptly and then jump forwards? Or how can you control the speed of a train with your finger? The Train Set Game Sci-Fi Packages is the first and only game to show you the truth behind everything you wanted to know. Through brilliant graphics, challenge your friends on the network, share your best times and beat others all over the world.

    The Train Set Game Sci-Fi Packages is getting you ready for an intense challenge. More space than any other game, challenging graphics and the ultimate speed. So get ready and build the best railroad and take a very fast ride with the fastest trains in the world.

    • 1) Build Railroads! Build the best railroads ever seen! Create and connect tunnels, bridges, and curves on your new railway!• 2) Train Boxes! 3) Collecting Items! • Crazy time! Want time to stop? Destroy boxes! Control power plants to make steam, and the train will stop! Shoot runaway trains to make more steam! • Exciting speed! Watch out, afterburners cause a loss of traction! • Language support! Easily adjust the language used by the game• This app is a camera-supported game, please go to your phone’s settings and enable the option to use the camera• Some of the items will not


    Download Tracks – The Train Set Game: Sci-Fi Pack Activation Code With Keygen


    How To Install and Crack Tracks – The Train Set Game: Sci-Fi Pack:


    • Tracks – The Train Set is one of the games of its kind.
      It has hours of entertaining fun for kids ages 4 to 6.
      The best thing is that you don’t need any expensive instruments to play. With this game it  is quite simple to manipulate the three trains with much fun.

      you can play the game with you kid or in two. Single or two players can play it.


    System Requirements:

    Nintendo Switch is a handheld video game console that lets you play games both on the go and at home. Nintendo Switch also allows you to use your existing controllers or Joy-Con controllers. The console features a built-in kickstand and can connect to your TV using the dock, TV Stand, and HDMI cable. You can use the Nintendo Switch in several different ways, including as a home console, portable system, or play it on the go with the handheld mode.
    For more information about Nintendo Switch hardware, software, and systems requirements, visit the


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