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Handball is a twisted, satirical VR game about “a man trapped in a man.” Using motion controls, you must navigate a host of puke-spewing zombies in an attempt to escape.
VR VR is a new genre of virtual reality gaming which offers the main benefit of the current technology while remaining true to the spirit of classic VR titles. The movement, locomotion, and immersion in this game has all been carefully crafted to be as visceral and immersive as possible.
As a lowly intern at a fictional mobile phone company, you are locked behind a desk for 24 hours a day. You have access to a cell phone and your VR headset, which you use to daydream and escape your dull reality. To your delight and amusement, you soon receive a call from an unexpected benefactor. He invites you to join him in a most sinister quest. Discover his motives, and get him out of your system. You also get to destroy the zombies while you’re at it.
• A freaky tale by Maksik Panda, writer of Mr. Robot and Stratics.
• Choice-driven narrative, made even better by the fully configurable Dialogue System.
• Hundreds of unique reactions, including reactions to “opt-in” endings.
• Full customization options for the characters and options for the dialogue with a fully configurable dialogue tree.
• 4 unique dialog options, giving different sexual orientations, several manly and womanly expressions, and a “straight” option.
• 5,000 lines of dialogue.
• Several optional sound effects, including exploding air, flying books, and detonating car tyres.
• Fully configurable input options. The app can be played with head motion alone, or with controllers (PS4, Vive).
• In-app purchases available to unlock story and character options.
• Steam Achievements and leaderboard integration.
• In-app chat, but only through web browser access.
• Steam cloud save system for efficient loading between multiple sessions.
• Steam workshop support.
• Support for both room-scale and seated VR.
• Sleep mode option.
• iPhone app available as well.
• Updated February 27, 2018
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About the developer:
Handball VR was made by Yutata Games. The Developer of the Yutata Games portfolio of games, including everything from indie developer hits “Bungie: Zombie D


Download ★★★★★ DOWNLOAD

Download ★★★★★ DOWNLOAD

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  • Project Summary The overall goal of the BioCreativ Neuroscience Initiative is to accelerate stem cell-derived neuron development for human therapeutics. This includes the development of cell-sorting methods that facilitate the reproducible generation of specific populations of neurons. The programs in mammalian cortical morphogenesis and lissencephaly are working with newly-developed technology that will be adapted to label and sort human stem cell-derived neurons. These technology packages will be used to aim therapeutics at specific types of neurons and also to guide efforts towards more heterogeneous populations. The investigator group is co-authored by distinguished scientists in both scientific and legal communities. The Public Health and Medical need is for a diverse stream of innovative products and strategies to cure major neurological disease. We propose to take advantage of the


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    (v.1.0) – Released: June 30th, 2019

    It was an unexpected outcome that I, or anyone else, could have ever imagined.

    I was half way through my third year of studies when I was accepted to work at the last year of my university in a city I had never been to. I was excited to be working at my dream company, I worked from six in the morning until nine at night and I thrived in a new environment. I was getting paid to learn how to design a car and live in a city I had always dreamed of experiencing. However, a month before my graduation, I realised that I was living in a bubble. My school-work and my responsibilities were the only thing that consumed me, everything else was on the sidelines.

    I tried to put myself outside the bubble and told myself that I was going to focus on myself for a while before I got back to work, but I failed and I came back to the bubble. I felt like I lost myself. I was no longer the same person and I felt like I had been living in a dream for a year. I couldn’t focus on the things I was passionate about and I felt like I had been stripped of everything I needed to progress.

    I was no longer a student, I was just a number to my parents and to my friends who knew me as the person who continued to work hard while all the other people were out having fun. I failed at making new friends and I went back to being someone I did not recognise. I felt like I had lost everything, I started looking for a new university to continue my studies and I found one.

    An incident in a shop near my house brought me back to reality. I was browsing in the shoe section when I heard a voice behind me say that someone was looking for me. I turned around and saw a man who looked incredibly young and thin, his face was full of shadows and he was holding a box of chocolates. He had deep, dark skin and he was so thin that it was a struggle to see him properly. He had the sharpest eyes I had ever seen and he was dressed immaculately in a suit that seemed to fit him well. He told me that he wanted to apologise for the way he had behaved towards me before.

    I wasn’t sure if I wanted to know what he was talking about but I was curious. So I took a chance and said that


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    About This Game

    What kind of person are you?What kind of traits do you have?Do you have an open mind?Because this game will show you, how much you can improve yourself, and give you insights into your self.

    In Autumn Crossing, you are in a post apocalyptic world. The day has come where humanity has got lost in the age of computers and information overflow, and civilisation is now just a memory. A power that creates the future is going to make a step in the direction of returning to the world of the living.

    Your character, 18 years old Tui, has lived in a dark place, not knowing what kind of person he actually is. The player will have to take on many different roles, though, since the game will let you play with many of the characters, each having their own attitudes.

    You will be exploring a post-apocalyptic world as the player where you can get to know a whole new world. Your decisions will change the story and the people around you. You can choose paths where you will hear different stories, and can choose to go with one person or another.

    Each character will have many responses to what you will say, and their personality will be reflected by the dialogue system.In late August, then-President Barack Obama signed into law the Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act (TVPA). The law represents the most comprehensive effort by the U.S. government to address human trafficking in years. However, the fight is far from over.

    President Obama called for the TVPA to become the law of the land in January 2009. It became an extension of the Violence Against Women Act, with one key difference. The TVPA is designed to serve as the first step in the prevention of human trafficking. While the previous act was restricted to domestic violence, the new law targets sex trafficking, labor trafficking and forced marriage. The FBI calls it human trafficking, and it is a very real problem in the United States today.

    Since the TVPA became law, the National Human Trafficking Hotline (1-888-373-7888) has received nearly 25,000 calls for help. The hotline receives calls and emails regarding missing children, prostitution and child porn. Of those calls, almost 85% are related to forced labor.

    In honor of the law’s first anniversary, the Center for Victims of Human Trafficking (CVHT) at the University of Texas at Austin hosted a forum to


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