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How can I find out more about what’s in the cable?

Analog television signals are transmitted from a cable headend to a cable subscriber’s home by a cable network. These signals are then retransmitted from the subscriber’s home to their television receiver. The headend contains the equipment to separate the signals into several channels (up to sixty) of video and audio content, and downconvert the signals to ensure they comply with television standards.

The downconversion from RF to baseband signals is achieved using an electronic tuner that receives the desired frequency and phase from the cable, generates an oscillator signal of the same frequency, and mixes it with the incoming signal. The output of the mixers is a baseband signal of usually only one or two channels, which a demodulator can then convert to digital form and decode.

The specific electronic components used in the cable network are often the responsibility of the cable provider.

The set of components in the cable headend is a central factor in the overall cable system performance. If the headend components are not properly maintained and calibrated, the system quality will suffer. Additionally, there is a portion of the cable itself that may not be in a good condition; this is the coaxial cable, which is a typical format used for communication over long distances.

When installing a new cable system, it is important that the installer carefully calibrate the headend components and test the overall cable system before connecting any subscribers to it.

What is a cable?

A cable is a flexible, electrical communication medium, usually in the form of a thin, insulated wire(s) of various lengths. Most cables are made out of copper or similar metals, although some are made of aluminum or plastic. With the exception of computer networks, most cables can be found in two forms: a single conductor or “unshielded twisted pair” (UTP) cable, and a multi-conductor shielded cable. Cable is frequently bundled into bundles, which are then terminated by connectors.

There are both standard and custom cable types. The most common standard cable types are the RJ-45, RG-59, and RG-8 used in both telecommunication and computer networking. The most common custom cable types are the telephone and CATV coaxial cables.

Cable is most commonly used in telecommunications and networking, but has seen use in other fields, such as aircraft communication, to connect aircraft computer consoles.

Cable is


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