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Name Danger Room
Publisher hennfay
Format File
Rating 4.67 / 5 ( 7540 votes )
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Three years have passed since the Battle of Afire, when the last surviving Grendel soldier was captured. Now, the Eden II Colony has resumed their experiments in the name of conquering space. The new wave of soldiers from Eden II is ready for battle. They’re waiting for one of you. Can you survive all those deadly turrets, asteroids, and lasers in time to save mankind from a fate far worse than death… How to play “Suck In and Suck Back” means charging your weapon by sucking in enemy bullets and firing back an explosive shot. You need to shoot at the right time to gain the Suck effect and avoid drawing attention to yourself. Each laser blast has a very distinctive Suck effect. From right to left, the three shots look like this: Right below your screen at the left is a menu that you can click to select a weapon and attack order. Also by clicking on the shield icon, you can toggle and activate the OXYGEN Pumps to enable a “Suck In effect” during the game. While the OXYGEN Pumps are active, you cannot shoot lasers or take any other action. How to Play Laser Blast Survival You need to destroy all the turrets on the map as quickly as you can. Hurry up, there are over 20, no a lot of them! The way they seem to be arranged is a bit weird, so you won’t know where the next turret will spawn from, so it’s up to you to decide when to break out of the maze and find the more open spaces where you can get a clear shot at the turrets. The game is designed so that it keeps getting harder as you progress, so it’s all about survival. Your character’s health will decrease over time in both the ship (which is a real space ship) and the base. If you die outside the ship, you’ll be transported back to the ship at random. You’ll also need to replenish your health by shooting an oxygen pump. When all the turrets are destroyed, you win the game. About This Game There are 4 different characters you can choose from. The first 3 characters lack equipment and so won’t be able to use the gear. However, you can choose from a larger number of weapons for them, by clicking on the UI button at the bottom right of the screen. The last character will


Danger Room Features Key:

  • Randomly generated levels
  • 8 different modes for game play
  • 10 HQ and creative mode puzzles
  • 320 embedded puzzles, each with detailed clues and explanations
  • Detailed OST Soundtrack
  • Color Graphics
  • Brush and Line Art
  • MP3 Sound track
  • Danger Room FAQ

    • How many locations may I play the game?
    • Can I access the Master List of location codes?
    • How big of a file will be loaded on the computer?
    • What file format is the game?
    • Can I play in game the CD Edition if I have the Starter Edition?
    • What is the average time of playing the game?
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    Danger Room Free (Final 2022)

    You, your weapons, your skill, and your luck. Everything you need to defeat the 5 Rounds of challenges in Danger Room. Who Else Should Play? Casual and Steam players alike are invited to try their hand at the Danger Room. Online, you’ll find a variety of challenges, as well as an online leaderboard for you to prove yourself against everyone else. Local, you’ll find a challenge consisting of a number of rounds. Players will be shown a countdown and then released into a room with a few objects to use. Supports Steam Achievements, Steam Cloud, User Generated Content, Drop in Drop out and Offline Play. Disclaimer – If you manage to survive, this is because you got lucky. – If you die in one of the online challenges, this is because you were not blessed with greatness – The game is intentionally glitchy and has been known to load a game over screen. – I will never survive, and I’m not looking to. – YOU’RE NOT AS INTELLIGENT AS YOU THINK YOU ARE. I love you, and I want to start dating you. You’re one of the best athletes in the country. You have the ladies swooning and the guys drooling. What’s your secret? For those of you who have yet to discover your stunning talents, we are pleased to present Danger Room as your new turn-based sports game of the year. The year: 2009. Ah, 2009. Another year of record breaking scores and record breaking screen captures. You can even be our homepage if you’d like. So what do you say we recap the highlights of the year with you? The Game: Danger Room is a turn-based sports game. It plays out as a series of challenges of increasing difficulty, making up one round of game play. These challenges are represented as a number of rounds. 1 round = 1 game 1 round = 1 game Difficulty: Easy – Hard – Cruel Easy – Hard – Cruel Time: One minute – Two minutes – One minute One minute – Two minutes – One minute Number of Rounds: 1 – 3 – 1 That really doesn’t sound like enough. Well, trust me, it’s not. Take a look at the game. While we’re at it, let’s recap what was so special about this year of sports gaming. Danger Room is a stunning d41b202975


    Danger Room

    GAME OVER As you see, playing this game is pretty simple. Just fire your weak weapon or two and dodge any bullets coming your way. Oh, and try to avoid the laser beams, because they are ridiculously powerful. If you’re brave enough, try using a gun that takes so long to reload that you can easily dodge the bullets. But if you’re not quite so brave, you’ll have to settle for that pathetic explosive shot. But as long as you manage to survive, you’ll be rewarded with lots of points. Because we’re testing test subjects, you know? Great, I’m going to need you to fire the laser this time. Make it count, cupcake.SPEED Youve never died so much in your life. So why don’t you start slowly, you idiot? Oh, but keep firing your stupid little lazer anyway. SON OF A BITCH! HOW DID YOU DO THAT?! SON OF A BITCH! THAT LASER WAS ACTUALLY THE NICE KIND OF LASER, SHES ACTUALLY PRETTY FAST! Okay, let’s see if you can handle that gun. As long as you hold on to your mouse and use your mouse buttons to rotate the spaceship, you’ll be fine. You do need to hold the mouse button down, otherwise you’ll spin right out of control. Just fire your lazer when you get a chance, if theres time. If theres not, just dodge bullets, duder. Whats next? I’m pretty sure you were supposed to take a hit. Okay, fine, you idiot. Your point in that one was to dodge bullets. Why did you also have to shoot the weak gun? Well, to be honest, I didnt know you were gonna be able to dodge bullets. You just died instantly, didn’t you? In fact, you just died three times in a row. Pfft, who needs those stupid points anyway? We’ll just delete all of your files. Okay, maybe we should show you the scoreboards, then. So far you’ve got more than 800 points. We’ll let you know when you start getting close to 1,000 points. So far you’re not even close. But I’m sure you’ll be able to figure out a way to surpass that one day.But if you really cant, then try using your smaller weak gun. You know, the one that’s red? Whew, I think I’m done! Okay, I can


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