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A beautiful game where you control a young girl that is trying to save the world from annihilation.

It’s a turn based action game with an anime art style.

A story about a young girl who fights against zombies.

An art style that is inspired by comics and anime.

Created by the same team that brought us Pixel Gear.

Wispland is the game where you play as the leader of a group of survivors trying to survive in the forest.

You are a young girl that goes to the forest to explore and hopefully find a cure for her little brother.

You’ll get into various situations where you will have to make choices to grow as a person or die, with your decisions impacting the future.

If you choose to help others, you’ll be rewarded with money that helps you to gather the necessary parts to build a beacon which will bring help.

If you choose to murder, you’ll be able to buy most items and resources.

So make the right choice that’ll impact you and the whole world.

Other Features:

A tutorial that will guide you on the basics of the game.

A unique persistent leveling system where the world is randomized each time you play it.

Levels will be filled with random combat, hidden items, and life events where you can make choices and grow as a character.

A unique revival mechanic where you can revive your partners after they’re dead.

A unique mechanic where you can replace dead party members with the newest survivor if you’re willing to risk it.

A unique feature where you can turn your core party into a roman legion to fight battles as a single unit.

A unique enemy cast where many famous and weird enemies from role playing games appear.

An anime inspired art style that will provide you with a great experience for thousands of hours of exploration.

A dark tone with a dark sense of humor will give you a true experience that will keep you eager to see what’s next.

A short gameplay that will keep you playing for hours.

A beautiful soundtrack, hand-crafted by the composer of the Pixel Gear games.

A long running story where you can go through 10-20 hours of gameplay.

A post apocalyptic environment


Lacuna: Prologue Features Key:

  • Battle Against Nightmare
  • Dreamworld Chaos
  • Underground Rumble
  • Hidden Village
  • Om Board
  • Climacteric Dreams
  • Stamp Collection
  • Dancing with Dreamsphere
  • Storyline

    Once upon a time, long time ago, in a village like only in dreams… a young man Moka Belia lived. He lived in the upper layer of the underground and only had one dream – to become a drummer. To play drums which came from other world, to make the legendary drummer D.D. Dreamer.
    D.D. Dreamer was the legendary drummer who heard a dia dia drum in their dreams. When they made their bond and left this world, all their drums were here and their spirits became D.D. Mother, D.D. Father, and D.D. Child. All the brats took on the name of Royal Darkness, which one day, ended up in the dreams…
    The dreams which had changed such dreamer’s mind…
    The drum is filled with beats, young boy… A drum which is searching for its way…
    Our drummer… Do you dare to follow him?


    • Dreamdrummer Factory Rule
    • Drummer Special Challenge Rule
    • Video Presentation
    • Heroes of Dreamtigers Dreaming Match
    • Next Dreamtigers Dream Feature

    3D profile of game Ending

    • The drum’s world in 3D
    • Dreamworld
    • Underwater Ruins
    • Dreamdrummer Factory
    • Dreamtiger Town

    Game lyrics

    Dreamtigers Dream: The drummer’s drum dream has been fulfilled!


    Lacuna: Prologue

    A new world is about to rise. As the sun hits the horizon, a catastrophe of proportions never seen before erupts with the power of light. For years, our civilization was at peace; war and human suffering were left behind. It seemed like a utopia, but all that we knew was set to destroy. The world as we knew it is about to be reborn in a single day. As the sun rises, the long sleep will be over.
    The Nine Kingdoms are rapidly awakening from a hundred-year sleep that is the world between the dark and light.
    Humankind and all the creatures that have lived are ushered into a world of the unknown, of our own making. When you were born, you were a part of this long sleep. You were unaware of it, but now it is time to awaken.
    We are calling upon all the great intellects of our time, and we are not the only ones waking up. There are other civilizations, other places, other races. All of them want one thing above everything else: to destroy us.
    It’s a time of power, a time of chaos, a time of war, but this will change your life forever.
    Join the journey as you explore the first chapter in the new world of Lacuna: Prologue.
    Lacuna: Prologue. All rights reserved.


    You’re in control of a group of adventurers, all given a secondary purpose in this narrative world. All of your choices will have dramatic consequences. You and your team will face the darkest of situations but you will also gain an opportunity to achieve the most remarkable of triumphs. Your enemies will be cunning, merciless and driven by a desire to destroy. As such, you are the ultimate defender of civilization.
    You will be free to accomplish anything you want – defeat your enemies, save this new world, or explore every depth of the amazing story.
    Pick a difficulty level at the beginning. Depending on how you spend your time and resources, the story will be different.


    Weapons: A decent starting equipment should have 2-4 weapons.
    Armor: You should have at least a few pieces of good quality armor.
    Shield: If you’re not going into the dungeons, you will want a shield of some kind.


    Meticulous crafting. Your first priority should be building your first weapon. You must kill your first monster. You must kill


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    What’s new in Lacuna: Prologue:

    Chapter 1 of my book focused on Lacuna, a legendary Lacanian term and concept (usually understood as a hole or a gap). Lacuna is the ontological limit; it is the rift that separates life from death and makes us all mortal simultaneously. Yet Lacuna is also the name of my own version of the Lacanian clinic. I call it Lacuna because it’s always out of reach. It does not simply lack something; it cannot be reached, but it exists all the same.

    Lacuna as a narrative

    If Lacuna names the process of estrangement of identity, it names also the existence of what might be termed a major imaginary trope within performance art: lacunae. Lacunae are gaps or holes in the narratives of artworks: we often lack the explanatory information a narrative requires in order for us to understand the whole. Lacunae are the gaps between political arguments, artistic statements, literary allusions and aesthetic fictions. They are the gaps between epistemological stances and cultural exclusions.

    In the 1950s, shortly after his taking of power in Argentina, General Juan Perón initiated a policy that greatly restricted immigration and forcibly removed tens of thousands of children from their homes. Lacking the information necessary to understand Perón’s motivations, we may surmise that Chilean physician Silvia Paternoster knew of his intentions when she decided to make a public show of her pregnancy in 1969. The public nature of this stunt was meant to publicise the fact that, as she had learned recently, Perón himself had been unable to have children. Paternoster’s baby was apparently to be the fruit of new scientific research that was to be made public following the imminent birth. Silvia Paternoster died during labour and in her final days, the baby also died.

    In this instance, we experience an event that seems, in its dramatic and performative dimensions, a narrative: Silvia Paternoster, pregnant and in labour, has sacrificed herself to publicise an important and controversial medical discovery. The narrative quality of this event is such that we expect that the medical discovery will prove crucial to the preservation of life for future generations. I am not sure how important this aspect of the story might be for the survival of the Chilean people and, indeed, we do know that this generation is still in crisis as a result of Perón’s policy.

    Despite the importance of the lacuna, all we can see


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    How To Install and Crack Lacuna: Prologue:

    • First of all, install “MC3d” software of MediaCoderBuild x86_64 or software of Peanut utility for each player.
    • Install website of Pitcher media to your computer and extract Lacuna.exe to computer.
    • Open Lacuna.exe with “MC3d” or “Pitcher utility” and press “Play”.
    • Follow instructions (you will be prompted).
    • Enjoy Lacuna Prologue game!


    System Requirements:

    Minimum System Requirements:
    Processor: Core2Duo E4500 @ 3.33GHz
    Memory: 8GB RAM
    Graphics: GeForce GTX 670/AMD HD7970
    Storage: 20GB HD space
    Recommended System Requirements:
    Processor: Core2Quad Q9550 @ 3.5GHz
    Memory: 16GB RAM
    Graphics: Radeon HD7870
    How to Install :
    1. Install Steam
    1a. Install Steam for


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