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Features Key:

  • Damage the Larkin building
  • Explore the Larkin building in detail and find all elevations
  • Use the street level to explore the Larkin building
  • Compare the elevations of the Larkin building to access them

Wright introduced the concept of zero-net-energy. The first case of a building constructed following this philosophy is the Larkin building that was completed in 1959. Located in Los Angeles, this 20 story office building was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and constructed of reinforced concrete, glass and metal. In contrast to other buildings of the time, Wright designed the Larkin building with an almost vertical façade the complete height of which contains only one story. Literally making the building self-supporting, the only input is one ground-support column which provides stability to the building.


The zero-net-energy concept stems from the observation of the sun’s solar energy entering a building through the outer glazed surfaces and collecting energy from the room’s internal spaces (building’s positive energy). To contain this energy, the walls are constructed with concrete and glass mass and reinforced with metal structures. The source of the absorbed energy is the room’s natural light and heat.

Game controls

  • Use left and right arrow keys to move
  • Use K and A to search and select all buildings
  • Z to zoom in and out
  • Spacebar to pause
  • X to toggle health
  • W to toggle game
  • D to toggle debug view and customize game on your own


Larkin Building By Frank Lloyd Wright X64 [Latest]

** A large 2.5×1.5 meters (8x4ft) monument based on sketches made by Wright, in memory of the victims of a dreadful train accident in 1903 on the Great Northern Railway at Talcottville, near the Pearl Street Station in Chicago, Illinois.**Não, os fatos não são todos o mesmo, confusão atípica.

A “Barra Larga”, no entanto, faz mais sentido, pois, como explicado por uma das entrevistadas, ele deveria ser “uma barreira maior” impedindo a saída de obstáculos da rodovia durante a colisão.

Nesse sentido, a Barra Larga é exatamente o contrário da Barra de Panamá, que está “desapontada”, como ouviram muitos motoristas no dia 24, que notaram que as barras, que desta vez estavam mais aguçadas, não aguçam mais a rodovia.

No entanto, qualquer pessoa que passa pelas barras aqui (nas bicas da frente deles) deve atentar que elas serão ressuscitadas às 10h do dia 31 de julho!

Ok, pensei que mais dificilmente ficaria a imagem da bicada (ou até mesmo para os menores, ao que entendo) do que a bicada do camião no canteiro de pedras da rodovia, quando menos poderia. E aqui tem!

Compreendo a dificuldade, mas antes que se trate de uma solução, um post (e uma notícia) ainda não chega! Daí está, portanto, a gente tentando, com esforço, encontrar a solução. Só que não está dando certo.

De qualquer forma, somos 20, de 12 bicadas, que, após tantas tentativas, não conseguimos encontrar. E aí


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What’s new in Larkin Building By Frank Lloyd Wright:

    , 1982.


    Planning and construction
    Founders of the club established on 8 January 1911 in Chatham, New Jersey, the name of Chicago Folks Etcetera, which was changed to Chicago People’s Club six months later. The new building was a two-story frame structure with a 400-seat auditorium set by Doric-columned portico, and later converted into a bowling alley. The auditorium chamber was listed for the National Register of Historic Places on February 19, 1988.

    The building was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, who came up with a precise, geometrical form, which continued through his years at Taliesin and came to be typically called “Wright’s Prison”. It was assigned him to design The People’s Club in Chicago following his successful efforts, that were overshadowed by the collapse of The Robie House in 1922. The stone and brick building was built in 17 years, from 1913 to 1921. At the opening the building showed the four stages of Wright’s career:
     – The Birth of Modern Architecture (1912–13)
     – The Organic Design (1913–17)
     – The Work by Hand (1917–21)
     – The Handicraft (since 1923)
    Wright spent his least amount of time in these stages, he only designed the first and the fourth, and designed other buildings during the third.

    20th Century Society and its members

    Wright and the club leadership tried to preserve the geometrical design while the building was being constructed, and provided most of the design detail for the project. The clubhouse initially was intended to be a gymnasium and dance hall. The club members had decided to have an integrated club house rather than an edifice of separate buildings, as the club had done up to that point.

    The club began to grow significantly after the Second World War. It hosted Major League Baseball’s Chicago White Sox and the Chicago Cubs; Chicago Bears and other football teams; WGN-TV and other radio stations; American Ballet Theatre, the Academy of Theatre Arts; the Sigma Chi Fraternity, Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity, and Kappa Kappa Psi fraternity.

    The club was located in a neighborhood experiencing decay. It became a major center for the revitalization of a once-thriving commercial area along the south side of South Michigan Avenue, and was a catalyst to other construction in the area.


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