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Name Mysteries Of Darkness
Publisher Admin
Format File
Rating 4.29 / 5 ( 7216 votes )
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Movement : Players can move, interact with items, and attack creatures in their player board.
Combat : Players can attack creatures with cards, steal cards from them, attack to steal their runes, or attack to steal their rune. Players also have the ability to be attacked.
Select a champion : Players will select from between two main characters (Elwin and Valkirian) to represent them on the board. Each has a hero career, that ends with a Fiery Resurrection, which transforms the player’s champion to raise the dead and fight against the demons.
See what happens : A card game, players will see what happens, and will be notified via messages on the screen.
Card crafting : Players will have the opportunity to select a number of cards to be crafted into a new card, the crafted card will be added to the deck and can be played.
Unique cards : Players will have access to a large number of cards with unique abilities.
Runes : Players can pick runes up and add them to their cards to customize and improve the capabilities and strength of the cards.
Deck and Runes : Players will have a deck, which will be comprised of cards, and runes, which will be added to the deck.
Game modes : Players can choose from main story or survival mode.
Journey through the Hells : Players will journey through the hells, where players will be able to fight against the demonic forces that plan to assault the world of mortals.
Rescue : Players will meet people in the hells who can help them.
Vanquish demons : Players will battle the hellish forces who seek to destroy the mortal world.
Card Crafting: Players will choose a group of cards to be crafted into a new card. Each card will have two symbols, and one will be a rune. The rune will have 3-5 slots available for runes that can be added to the cards. See a preview of the runes for your cards below.
The cards will have at least 8 slots, and each rune will have at least 4 slots.
For example, if a card has 3 runes (each a different rune), the card will have 8 slots for runes. If a card has 5 runes, the card will have 12 slots.
The type of rune a card may hold may be different to the type of rune a card may have runes, for example, a 5 Strength card may have a shield rune that boosts its defense.
In a card’s deploy


Mysteries Of Darkness Features Key:

  • Skill Challenges: Items with hidden effects
  • Specialize: Points of professional training
  • Skill Empowerment: Assistance by your own death scene
  • Content Registration: 5 episodes 10 item
  • Easy to control with your Chromecast Apple TV or Amazon Firestick device

    Item Supports Slot 1-2

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    Screenshot 2

    Screenshot 3

    Mysteries Of Darkness Game Play:

    There are 5 characters in this game. They are experts in disguise. They are people who have their own special skills and personality. And your goal in this game is to bring one character to victory. Of course, the process is not easy, and obstacles will almost always find its way to block your way. Don’t be discouraged. You must be sure to remain fast. Do not hesitate.

    And you will have the opportunity to improve your strategies in this game. Of course, you can acquire skills and items that will raise your bar. And provide you with a powerful boost that can help you defeat the enemy.

    Craft Items

    There are a lot of unique craft items in this game, such as sword, shield, bow, etc. These items will help you achieve something in this game.

    Not only can it help you win battle, it is


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    You play a traveler who walks among the night monsters and solves the puzzles that await you!
    Adventure, Mystery, and Magic for One or Two Players.
    • Explore a full campaign of classic point-and-click adventure gameplay with the option to play solo.
    • Mystery and Magic! Embark on an epic, thematic quest and enjoy the unfolding stories.
    • A full, free-roam game world that allows you to explore an array of unique dungeons
    The game also features a hand-drawn, pixel style presentation that is sure to entice you from beginning to end.
    Visit the web site to learn more about the game and download the Free Demo.
    Privacy Policy

    Terms of Service

    Single player demon + spell
    Allows you to load characters from previous run.
    Note: config file need to be saved on the device.

    You’ll get two copies of the game: one of the games in this bundle is available free of charge, and the other requires the customary payment. Based on your choice, you’ll download either a free sample and paid Pro game, or a free sample and then a premium copy.

    The game will work on devices running Android 4.0 and higher, save data is not erased on the free version.

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    What’s new in Mysteries Of Darkness:

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