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Name Paper Dolls VR
Publisher Administrator
Format File
Rating 4.67 / 5 ( 1196 votes )
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You take on the role of the paper doll, a mad scientist and like many other people who play this game you want to make your doll a living breathing entity. So you begin the process.Packing her clothes and decorating your doll.Attaching your hands and feet,you will then need to fill her with your personality, that’s it you’re done with her!
What’s Included With Her?
As all paper dolls, you will need to pack her with a lot of things. The size of the box is irrelevant to you.Papers,gloves,arms,saucers,toys,poetry,pencils,crayons,stationery,you name it she’ll need it.
Attach Her Stomach and Urges Her. What You’ll Need
You will need a lot of things that have different effects. You will need glue, tape, paper, and scissors. You will also need a sewing kit, hair glue, and tissue paper to make your dolls real skin.
Also if you intend to have babies in your doll, and you wish to make a doll that gives birth, you will need the following;Forceps,sop,placenta,eye drops,an incubator,a nursery,and a few diapers. If you intend to have a baby in your doll, you will also need an incubator. If you want her to speak you will need a recorder and a tape recorder. You can have a record player, and as for why a tape recorder, you’ll see later. All in all, you will need a lot of things.
Now for the painstaking part.
Packing Your Doll
You will need to fill your doll with the things listed under Her needs. When you package your doll, have the intention to make your doll look alive. You will fill it with things that make it feel alive and out of the box, she should look alive. Also give her her name and personality.
As you fill the doll, you need to make sure you cover all of her sides and back, if not she will feel cold!
Be sure to cover her backside!
Also be sure to stuff her with a lot of things. Things like cloths,gloves,razors,soap,clothes,hair,electricity,toys,poetry,pencils,crayons,stationery,toilet paper,you name it she’ll need it!
To make her skin look real


Additional Information

Name Paper Dolls VR
Publisher Administrator
Format File
Rating 4.67 / 5 ( 1196 votes )
Update (2 days ago)


Features Key:

  • Based on the popular paper doll VR game;
  • Choose your doll partner: Boy, girl, beauty queen, catgirl, etc.
  • Between different worlds, interact with your 6D avatar – you move, turn and walk around
  • Play mini games to unlock the 90 other characters;
  • Intuitive game play thanks to VR
  • Unique visuals thanks to the famous paper doll model;
  • Beautiful and high resolution three dimensional avatar
  • The cutest toys and accessories in high end quality for VR
  • The designers’s original movie;

Minimum Requirements:

  • Windows® 7 /10 / 8.1 / 10 64
  • A VR device
  • A VR headset powered by Google Cardboard™ or any other technology
  • OpenGL HD/Desktop
  • A VR game player powered by YouTube™
  • Mettle® VR Studio software suite installed


Paper Dolls VR [32|64bit] [March-2022]

Cracked Paper Dolls VR With Keygen is a social game that you can play with your friends using the VR headset.
In Paper Dolls, you have the power to create your own love story with your virtual “Paper Dolls”. You have the freedom to change the looks, clothes and even the personality of each of your paper dolls.
In addition to the loveable paper dolls, you can also enjoy a variety of original stories told by the paper dolls that are just as cute as they are virtual!
We will support all the VR headsets.
While enjoying the game, you should be able to continue to enjoy the game even if it becomes dull.
The key features of the game are below.
Character Creator & Visual customization of the Paper Dolls.
Players are able to create and customize the appearance of their paper dolls, and play with their paper dolls as they wish.
Customizable Backgrounds. Players can enjoy the game by switching between multiple themes, each of which is visually different.
Creating stories. Players are able to create and share their own stories with each of their paper dolls.
Important features of the game for PlayStation®4 and PS®VR:
Unique movement in the game.
Players control their paper dolls with movement using the PlayStation®4 gyro sensor.
In the game, it is possible to use the virtual reality headset (PS VR) while playing.
Play in the Virtual Reality headset (PS VR).
Thanks for all your support
PlayStation®4 and PS®VR Introduction Video
Introducing Paper Dolls VR
Press Releases
Paper Dolls VR Update Latest News Site
Game Page
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Paper Dolls VR Crack + For Windows [2022-Latest]

■ Official VR application ‘Paper Dolls VR’ will be released for Android,iOS,PC and PS4 (PlayStation 4) in Spring 2018.Official website: (Windows)

■ This VR world, designed by Masaki Terada and Chris Chung (World of Dibber), is made in a hyper-realistic VR world of 1200×1600 pixels.

■ Each VR experience is like having an individual paper doll!

■ You can make requests to the paper dolls in VR. Make life-sized paper dolls, just for you!

■ You will be surprised by the super-realistic VR graphics for only $4.99!

■ The girls will even behave, move and do different things depending on who you talk to!

■ Experience authentic paper-doll experience in this VR world with full-body sensation!

■ You will be able to customize your own personal girl to become the paper doll of your dreams!

■ I am very excited for you to use the new VR tech to make your own unique VR experience with the girls of your dreams!

■ Compared to the Virtual Reality, Reality is close to you at all times, and will provide a faithful and comfortable VR experience.

■ You can use your own VR headset or any kind of VR headset like Google Cardboard, Oculus Rift, etc.

■ If you want to customize your personal scene, you can change the size and materials of the house, furniture and the decor.

■ Created by Emika, the beloved bakuretsu artist of Shounen Jump Magazines.

■ Creation of Hino’s illustrations are the latest new illustrations of every issue in Shounen Jump magazine.

■ By Otomo: The new first episode of Otomo’s life story, Otomo Soru Go-iryou (An Ordinary Being: A Startling Journey of a Nobody), drawn by Ishinomaki Shirayuki-kun!

■ By Yasuhiro Otsuka: The side-scrolling adventure game called “Tawara-san no Ichijou” by Yasuhiro Otsuka (A Game You Can’t Play Twice) will be published in Nintendo 3DS!

■ By Isao: “Girl’s Dormitory Hime-chan” the anime movie based on the manga “My Girlfriend


What’s new in Paper Dolls VR:

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