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Horses is a beautiful puzzle game where your job is to assemble the 24 distinctive, colorful, abstract horse masks into an original and beautiful picture. No time is wasted, every puzzle leads to the next. Puzzles are simple and logical, yet new challenges appear at every level.
How To Play:
1. Tap a puzzle piece to the matching spot on the mask to remove it.
2. The last puzzle piece will display instructions.
3. Start over, use the hint tool or the slider to know how to remove the puzzle piece
4. Each puzzle is made up of four different types of puzzle pieces; connect all of these pieces into a complete picture.
5. Tap the picture you’ve assembled to get your score
6. Enjoy the relaxation music and the great artwork of this game.

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Category:Puzzle video gamesCarlos Michael Smith

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Features Key:

  • Requiring no words, no points and no levels, just a simple but exciting gameplay
  • Easy to play: childrens will love it
  • No random, no factors, just simply match the two images
  • Simple controls
  • Easy play but not trivial

Why Puzzle Art: Horses Game [HELP]

Would like to build your good own puzzle style game, but you feels challenge is kind of dull? Maybe Puzzle Art: Horses Game cannot solve all the puzzles… Nice puzzle, plenty of amazing images to match, BUT, this is actually an one third game of our original game, so I guess this time can show you what you can do without the points scored. Actually, you still can make something what has no similar game with enough wonderful art, get your goal and love this game, dear beginner!

How to Play Puzzle Art: Horses Game

Key Features:

  • Requires no words, no points and no levels, just a simple but exciting gameplay
  • Easy to play: childrens will love it
  • No random, no factors, just simply match the two images
  • Simple controls
  • Easy play but not trivial


Puzzle Art: Horses X64 [Latest]

– The game Puzzle Art: Horses Download With Full Crack is a relaxing puzzle game designed for the artistic and musical tastes. The aim of the game is to puzzle the cards and draw a beautiful picture.
Your goal in the game is to choose the correct puzzle pieces by matching the puzzle pieces together. You can easily find a solution or help from hints.
There are six basic cards in the game:

Blue Horse
Yellow Horse
Red Horse

The task of the player is to create the correct puzzle pieces by matching the corresponding cards.
The puzzle pieces are similar to the pieces in drawing art. The game is calm, not extremely difficult to calculate, and easy to solve.
It is easy to master, but if the player is not accustomed to thinking about puzzles, the game will be a little difficult to solve.


We are currently looking for people who are interested in helping us out with the development of the game Puzzle Art: Horses.
You can e-mail us your thoughts on the game at the following address. The more information you include, the easier it will be for us to help you.
Name: submit your ideas

E-mail: info@puzzleart.us


Visit our website at www.puzzleart.us.
Please submit bugs or suggest improvements to the game.
You can also view the game’s credits and other useful information.


The download link for the game can be found in the description.

Any suggestions about the game are welcome.


– The soundtrack used in this game is included in the game files and is on the soundcloud page at soundcloud.com/npusz
– The artwork used in this game is included in the game files and is available on the following website: www.brendanpusz.com.

– Used images are used by the third party at www.nataconimas.com and are free to use for any purpose.
– Brian (creator and artist)
– Niko (developer and sound designer)
– Nick (art)
– Carl (graphics)
– Roger (


Puzzle Art: Horses Crack + Keygen Free Download For Windows (Latest)

The aim of the game is to get the next piece of the puzzle. To solve a puzzle you must rearrange the pieces to form a picture. The more pieces you create, the higher your score will be and a picture of your choice.

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What’s new in Puzzle Art: Horses:

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