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Do you smell something bad in this town? You’d better keep it between your ears!
Quiet Valley is a surreal, psychological horror game where you are a zombie. This game is presented in a skewed/distorted 2.5D first-person perspective. Play at your own risk. May cause some players headaches.
“You are the last player in a game of hide-and-go-seek for survivors of some apocalyptic event. If you don’t find them, it’ll be too late to save them!”
In a game-changing event, a memory-robbing virus is released that forces all the people in a sparsely populated town into a coma-like state. You wake up in the basement of one of the hotels in this town. The basement seems eerily empty and you head outside to look for the other players. There’s no one around. You keep finding people and hiding from them, but they can’t find you. You must uncover the horrors of this town to decide whether or not you are truly insane and this all really is happening.
Open-ended, exploration-based gameplay
Fully immersive and atmospheric horror atmosphere.
Skewed/distorted 2.5D first-person perspective. No glasses required!
Blood, gore, and violence.
Immerse yourself into the world of a psychotic zombie as you experience feelings normally reserved for horror films.
Check out our website here:
Our game page:
To see what people have been saying about our game, check out the “News & Stories” section on our website:
The Sleep is Death Game is a game by Secret Art Studios, in collaboration with the SMART (Studio for Mind, Awareness, and Reality Games). The Sleep is Death Game utilizes real-world objects from the Baker Public Library Special Collections, and features original music by Tom deLonge of The Killers. Follow our progress on Facebook:
Keyboard and mouse recommended.
About This Game:
Do you smell something bad in this town? You’d better keep it between your ears!
Quiet Valley is a surreal, psychological horror game where you


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Download Setup + Crack >>> DOWNLOAD

Features Key:

  • Ten amazingly rich levels and loads of puzzles.
  • Different level design that keeps the gameplay fresh but also creates fiendishly clever challenges. Includes pathing features, sewer water and tessellation.
  • A whole host of gameplay features that make it more of a challenge, not less.
  • All levels designed by IEM. The game was written by IEM here in Sweden and is a personal fiend of mine. Special edition: Music soundtrack.
  • Game soundtrack to listen to while you play. Enjoy the game and don’t forget to leave your comment.
  • Requires

    • Android 4.2 or higher
    • Ads-Free
    • Internet Access
    • Story mode (Time Attack mode is not supported, but Free play mode is)

    How to get it:

    • No direct download available
    • No physical key in this promotion
    • All official digital keys are sent automatically by game developer
    • Automatic license transfer is set to regular purchase
    • Your current license will be transferred when the game is updated
    • License key is valid for lifetime on all subsequent devices connected to the same Google account
    • Use the following key: c7acae9e5f5d7b516fe02f37c77578ab3cc0a889

    (*) – As soon as you get a key, it gets transferred automatically. You don’t need to do a thing.


    IEM Swedish Coders – Official YouTube Channel

    IEM – A mere 4-letter abbreviation.

    IEM – An acronym, introduced by Atari Inc. as ‘Interactive Entertainment Media’. It was renamed to Interactive Entertainment Monthly in 1990 in


    Quiet Valley 2 Crack With Keygen Free Download [32|64bit] [2022]

    This is a first-person horror game. It’s played from the first person perspective with keyboard and mouse controls. When I say first person, I mean that it is in first person. It is not like a third person game. You are not behind your character. You can move around by using WASD but other than that, it’s all pretty straight forward, if you know what I mean. In the first part of the game you are exploring the environments which are designed to give the player a shock and a start. The second part of the game is a bigger and darker version of the first. It’s a longer game, with a bigger map and more of the puzzles. It’s not a linear game either, so don’t get yourself stuck at anything in particular.



    Quiet Valley 2 (April-2022)

    26 Oct 09 – 30 Oct 09

    Haven’t played it, but I seem to remember there is a musical score somewhere that follows the game

    26 Oct 09 – 30 Oct 09

    Looks pretty good, I can’t wait to play it.

    26 Oct 09 – 30 Oct 09

    Just get a flashlight and play with it. Most of this game is an audio glitch, and the flashlight doesn’t even work. Also, they don’t bother explaining what you can interact with or use. I don’t know, maybe it’s my imagination, but I get some of the most basic information a long time before I’m told how to use it, which is a major problem in this game, and one that has pervaded most of the negativity. Which you should take seriously if it’s happening to you.

    26 Oct 09 – 30 Oct 09

    Yes, this was most certainly a glitch. I actually couldn’t figure it out. It feels like the video was designed to be a glitch, that’s why it looks so messed up.

    26 Oct 09 – 30 Oct 09

    What’s up with the name, it makes sense only if you are deaf or mentally handicapped.

    “Quiet Valley” made me think of Silent Hill but it’s much scarier.

    26 Oct 09 – 30 Oct 09

    Actually, I think it’s a reference to the song “Quiet Village” by U2:


    “Quiet valley was beautiful, I recall – But there was a village whose people would never know”

    26 Oct 09 – 30 Oct 09

    You can be a Ghost Huntress now, and you can confirm it with the certin things. Like a flashlight and a map of the places. Oh, and a map that is just a map. No directions at all. Like a video game, no directions for your progress. And no, I don’t get anything except for “Where should I go?” Well I don’t go anywhere, I just look around, and so far there is a beach, an office, a lockdown, a living room, a church, a psychiatric ward and a library.

    26 Oct 09 – 30 Oct 09

    There is also a “bakery” and a “café” but I have no way to access them.

    26 Oct 09 – 30 Oct 09

    Locked? Maybe this is the one that


    What’s new in Quiet Valley 2:

    Quiet Valley 2 also known as Quiet Valley 2: The Flying Legend, is a 1997 side-scrolling action-adventure game developed by Retro Studios and published by Microsoft Game Studios exclusively for the Windows. It is the sequel to the video game Quiet Valley. The game was released to mixed reviews from critics, where many reviewers criticised the game for having a similar repetitive gameplay to its predecessor, though some praised the new features added to the game and the difficulty. The game sold about 400,000 copies worldwide.

    Quiet Valley 2: The Flying Legend is an action-adventure game played from a top-down perspective. Gameplay consists of the player controlling Kai and his dog Pex from a fixed position, exploring a stage and defeating enemies in order to enter one of the game’s four sectors.

    The game consists of four different worlds which are split into eight sectors. After all four worlds have been completed, Kai begins playing a game called The Frontier, which is described as a portable version of the difficulty levels experienced in the game. Afterwards, a secret bonus stage is unlocked featuring the character Frau. To progress to the next world, the player must defeat a certain number of enemies in a sector, or pay money to spend at the play livery.

    The game features a dark music composed by Colin Rose that sets in many locations such as Kai’s house. Every now and then, a voice can be heard from a synthesizer, telling the player to rise up while excluding such sections. Kai’s face also turns black once in a while, showing that he has angered with something.


    Critical reception
    Quiet Valley 2: The Flying Legend received critical acclaim from critics.

    AllGame complimented the game for a “great balance” between the old and new gameplay and stated that “Beyond serving as a great sidekick and adding a new value to the franchise, the 3D graphics are awesome”. GameSpot reviewer Richard Lax called the game “the first real game to ride on the coattails of Blinx the cat”, and stated that “quitting the game is a painful process”. Tony Ponce of IGN stated that the game “is the only title we ever wish had a dual-tap control setup for the side-scrolling genre”. Italian gaming magazine Game Boy Magazine gave the game a perfect score and stated that it is one of the best adventure games of the year. GameFan stated that one of the features that makes the game so


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    Steps For Install:

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