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VR is a very innovative technology in the entertainment sector. It will inspire a lot of players to be excellent creators. I’m very enthusiastic about this and I hope to bring some surprises to VR entertainment through this VR animation.
Target Audience:
I have always been fascinated by VR since the days of Oculus Rift. I have been holding a passion for VR for almost a decade.
What I want to show in VR
Experience the illusion of virtual reality with gusto.
Maintain an immersive experience throughout the whole film so that the illusion is not broken.
Maintain a high frame rate and smooth moving images so that the feeling of physicality in VR can be provided.
Provide hints to break through the illusions through the action, so that the viewer can experience the emotional excitement.
I got this story from a friend.
I was writing short stories every month and I wanted to incorporate a fairy tale into the world of VR. I wrote this story in a short time.
I was born in Japan and grew up in Taiwan. My mother is Taiwanese and my father is Japanese. I was born in Taipei. I graduated from Waseda University in Tokyo and while studying in the U.S., I won the “Best Newcomer” award from the PC User magazine. After graduating, I started working for a Japanese company and continued to work there for 10 years before moving to Singapore.
Main Website
About VR Funstone
VR Funstone is a Japanese animation and game company specialized in creating VR content.
Based in Osaka, Japan, we have been creating VR content for over seven years.
We work on projects such as VR port of Monster Hunter Stories, Fate/Grand Order, Magical Name: Candy Magician, Fate/Grand Order VR Experience, VR Game – Rage of Bahamut.
If you are interested in VR content such as games, 360 degree videos, 3D videos or VR-rich website, please let us know.
We are always looking for new ideas!

We are excited to announce the genesis of a brand new animation studio which will focus on creating the best animation & VR projects, created with the best artists in the area. We are looking for talented creators to join our team.
Why us?
We are a strong group of creatives with great ideas, portfolios and a vision for the future. We are interested in improving what we do and are inspired by the world around us and the people


Shennong: Taste Of Illusion Features Key:

  • A spell card game using 3 decks.
  • 1300 plus all card images using with the help of our user friendly interface.
  • Free to play with no in-game purchases.
  • Connect to facebook in game, unlock special titles, and get prizes.
  • Invite your friends in the game with their email addresses and share information with them. Become a user.
  • System Requirements:

    • OS: Windows 7/8, 9/10
    • CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD single core 3GHz+
    • Memory: Windows 8 users need 2GB DDR3 or more, or 4 GB for Windows 7 users.
    • Harddisk space: 50 MB free
    • Graphics card: DirectX Version 9.0 or higher

    How to Download the Game:

    1. Log on to your Facebook account and go to our friend list.
    2. Find “Shennong” and click “Share with Friend”.

    Shennong Game Features:

    • Card Customizable using our pretty user-friendly interface. 14+ decks you can configure.
    • Hundreds of cards with deck tips and special effects.
    • Over 70 plus art, spells and effects in the game.
    • No Java and/or Adobe Flash and a lot more with HTML5 and JavaScript.
    • Bringing you the best looking gem collection in the market with delightful and high-quality cards.
    • Next generation Free to play!

    To Play the Game:

    1. Download and install the game files to your harddisk. If you already have the game pre-installed on your computer, follow these


      Shennong: Taste Of Illusion Crack + Free Download PC/Windows

      1. Game Overview:
      Shennong: Taste of Illusion Cracked Accounts is an indepth story of ancient Chinese culture. You can experience the scenario with hundreds of years of China’s history.
      You will be intrigued and perplexed by the mysterious magic as you hear legends and myths of prehistoric China.
      You will meet the legendary king Shennong, the God-King of Chinese medicine and agriculture who tests a hundred varieties of herbs with his holy red whip.
      You will be poisoned by tasting the petal of the flower, then falling into illusion as the flower turns into a mythical beast. Finally, you will be revived by a secret friend in the despairing darkness.
      With the awakening superpower, you will come to understand the truth of the stone, and smash the illusion.
      You will acquire another valuable plant and conquer the beast to break the illusion.
      The scope of this VR film is not only about the myths and legends of ancient China, but also to create a deeply immersive VR film.
      In addition to the myths and legends of ancient China, we also hope to bring the legend of ancient China into VR.
      We hope the life-like VR games and the immersive VR scene will be in line with the legends and myths of ancient China and bring a large number of users into this land.
      2. VR Experience Game Design:
      Oculus Rift + iPlayMakeMe VR Interactive Tool
      Insight Software DiveVR Virtual Reality Immersion Tool
      We designed our VR game according to the following requirements:
      We are trying to create a VR experience that was as realistic as possible to bring you into an ancient scene.
      We hope the VR games become what you want.
      We hope you will allow us to share your experience.
      3. Game Stage:
      Shennong: Taste of Illusion is an indepth story of ancient China.
      4. Characters
      Wuliangzuo, the God-King of Chinese Medicine and Agriculture,
      The legendary king of Chinese medicine and agriculture who tests a hundred varieties of herbs with his holy red whip.
      Inspired by the God-King of Chinese Medicine and Agriculture, the legendary God-King of Chinese medicine and agriculture
      1. God-King of Chinese Medicine and Agriculture
      The God-King of Chinese Medicine and Agriculture
      This is a legend that depicts how the God-King of Chinese Medicine and Agriculture tests a


      Shennong: Taste Of Illusion License Keygen PC/Windows (Final 2022)

      The game play structure includes: 1. Level Unlock
      In this game there is a total of 15 levels, each level has 5 different levels of difficulty, with 5 different rooms. All of them are through different scenes in the story, and must be unlocked one by one.
      According to the development principle, the player must complete the game within 10-15 minutes, normally, within 12 minutes. The speed of the game can be increased by playing the game after the screen and recording the speed and correctness of the game for reference.
      2. Natural Environment
      Shennong VR game in the complex scenery of the world of illusion, uses cutting-edge rendering engine of Unity3D, and supports all kinds of VR devices.
      3. Interaction with Stuff
      Playing with small things such as a magic wand, poison plant, water, fire, etc. Interacting with different objects has become a standard game action.
      4. VR camera
      As an open 3D platform, Unity3D has a powerful camera module, which allows you to take the virtual experience of 360 degrees.In this VR game you will experience the multiple illusions and VR visual effects through this kind of camera, which has become a standard gameplay in this game.5. Action Gameplay
      Through integration of the VR camera, Shennong VR game allows you to perform a variety of actions, and each action in the game will be accompanied by a special effect and a new scene, and each scene can be different.This VR game lets the player experience the illusion of having an action.Just like in the real world, when you are a bit tired from work or too tired to go out, you can take a little rest and put on your VR headset to have a fun time in the virtual world, just like in a real carnival.
      6. System OverviewScene
      Scene is divided into multiple chapters, each chapter contains 5 scenes and can be unlocked one by one.
      Respectively, there are total of 15 stages, each stage has 5 different levels of difficulty and 5 different scenes.Each stage has 5 levels and each level has 5 different scenes. The game performance can be improved by playing several times and recording your own speed and correction.
      You should play the game through a headset to fully enjoy and experience the game.
      Video Link:
      Game Related Link:

      published:15 Apr 2017


      What’s new:

      Shennong is said to be the oldest recorded plant shaman in human history. With a halo of white hair, the color of rice wine, and a tall white hat made of several dozen live rice stalks, Shennong stands at 6′1″ and claims to be unbeatable in power drinking contests. Other than supreme power he has a simple philosophy that he holds to a high standard for people of the court: “People from noble families should not belch and fart when they munch rice. And those who listen to his words will get what they want.”

      Shennong is associated with the yao (south) and lo (north).

      The planarian has a sense of the world surrounding it: its location and direction, the orientation of its shell and spine, changes the speed, timing, and energy of things within its peripheral world. It can recognize different smells, take note of changes, and distinguish voices and noises.

      The planarian is a good model of energy and connectivity. In fact, its named after the Japanese word for plan. This means “playful”, and it also marks the cultivation experience, as in the cultivation of a person.

      ~ Interview with Prof. Kunze

      The entire body of a planarian is surrounded by blood capillaries. Even the inside part of the body is an apparent biomechanical construction. There is an internal system to close a gap on just one aspect and open up all over the body to make it into a more complete system.

      When this is actually happening I don’t know. The energy could be carried through the body by the host itself, causing the growth to occur by the involvement of a ‘growing agent’. How the host itself is able to perform this, I don’t know.

      A planarian will normally react when it is stung.

      The anatomy is very difficult to consider. Although the nervous system and blood vessels do form an anatomical structure, but the nerve cells are not as mature as those in the human body and are not corresponded with anything, nor can they be utilized as a complete structure. They only amplify current and establish connections, once active current has reached a threshold and responds to external stimulus.

      For the gills, the various biological functions which they perform are as if a complicated and thin shell lined by multiple layers of cells contains an internal and external lumen. There is a


      Download Shennong: Taste Of Illusion Crack


      How To Install and Crack Shennong: Taste Of Illusion:

    2. DOWNLOAD GAME Shennong: Taste of Illusion
    3. Save on Steam
    4. Unzip game files
    5. Run installer
    6. Install game (optional)
    7. Play! Enjoy!

      Shennong: Taste of Illusion PC Download

      • Save on Steam
      • Download:
      • Unzip game files
      • Run installer
      • Install game (optional)
      • Play! Enjoy!

      Shennong: Taste of Illusion Linux Download

      • Save on Steam
      • Download:
      • Unzip game files
      • Run installer
      • Install game (optional)
      • Play! Enjoy!

      Shennong: Taste of Illusion Download

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