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Name Space Within
Publisher haneparr
Format File
Rating 4.63 / 5 ( 9143 votes )
Update (14 days ago)



Hey! Friends of indie games, Do you like to have fun and challenge yourself? If you like games like ‘Punch Quest’, ‘Touch the Metal’, ‘Tiny Troopers’ and ‘Slice It Up’ or want to experience the intricate and fresh Ninja genre, you’re in for a treat. Unnamed Fiasco is a competitive local multiplayer game where your mistakes can actually help you. Every time your character dies during a match, a new clone is created to help you by repeating your past lives movements and actions. Hit piñatas to collect power-ups and face the minute madness that completely changes the match flow. Fight on top of an old Mayan temple, a crowded bullring, a laboratory with deadly lasers and more. Face your friends on intense couch multiplayer matches or go solo on tons of action-puzzle challenges with online leaderboards.Key Features
2-4 players local multiplayer:
Play locally with up to 4 players on various multiplayer modes.
Multiplayer modes:
Face your friends on the multiplayer modes that include Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Dog Tag, Treasure Hunt and Police Chase.
Multiplayer maps:
Play on 24 multiplayer maps across six different map themes, including Temple, Bullring, Laboratory, Daycare and more.
Singleplayer challenges:
Face more than 40 singleplayer challenges that will require both skill, fast-thinking and puzzle-solving.
Let your past lives help you:
Everytime you die, a clone is created to help you by repeating you past lives movements and actions. Plan ahead and use it in your advantage.
Collect items to increase your winning changes:
Weapon jammers, jetpacks, mines, golden guns, shields and many more items are available to help you face your opponents.
It’s time for a minute madness:
To add some spice, minute madness randomly enables match modifiers such as low/high gravity, inverted controls, grenade rain, noir/pixelated/blurry vision, and more. This can greatly change the matches’ pacing and turn the battle in your advantage (or against you!).
An unique character roster:
Play as an old lady with a moustache, a raging bull, a lucha-libre baby fighter, a hipster robot or a charming bull fighter.
About This Game:
Hey! Friends of indie games, Do you like to have fun and challenge yourself? If you like games like ‘Punch Quest’, ‘Touch the Metal’, ‘Tiny


Name Space Within
Publisher haneparr
Format File
Rating 4.63 / 5 ( 9143 votes )
Update (14 days ago)


Space Within Features Key:

  • Turn a pair of punks, noobs, metal heads or any other kind of weirdoes into a team of heroes! You just need to team up with the right person or people.
  • The game includes three teams and nine heroes.
  • Multiple play modes: five run modes and two challenge modes.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Very interesting idea, fun game.


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Our games are experiences with unique storylines
We are a team comprised of experienced game developers and designers, we carefully create and develop games.
With great care and attention to detail, we carry out a detailed plan for the setting, characters, and events in each game. We believe in game design that delves into the human emotions, so that players can become engrossed in the game.
Our games will be experiences where players can find something novel.
ABOUT FUDOHOST Soft ————————-
Fudohost Soft is a startup game company established in 2010.
Our first game with a web browser is » Erosion, » a 2D racing game with innovative racing elements.
Our second game with the 3D console » Bleed: a few seconds of bleeding, » was announced as one of the summer 2012 D3 Publisher published games.
Bleed was the winner of the D3 Publisher Game Innovation Contest.
Our upcoming work is » Luster » a male/male ero-game similar to » 『TOKYO MISFITS』.
We have ten people, including senior game developers and animators.
Our office is in the chic area of Akihabara.
» We are always looking for talented people to join our team.
» We look forward to hearing from you.
【 Website 】

【 YouTube 】

【 Twitter 】

【 Google + 】

【 Facebook 】

【 Telegram 】

【 Contact 】
AQUAE GAME is a startup company incorporated in August 2015.
Our game MOONLIGHT is a love simulation game with a scientific platform.
Moonlight is a game that opens a new dimension in gaming, in the world of simulation!
Our gameplay is not just a “whispering into the ear”.
Moonlight is a game that allows players to immerse themselves in the story together with the character.
Game features
■ Science up to


Space Within (Updated 2022)

Backfire, fast-paced action game for one or two players.
Playable via Local Coop
The players takes on the roles of two mercenaries. One mans a sniper rifle, the other can control a robot mech. Both characters have a scope and a laser sight, and can lay waste to their enemies in every way imaginable. They can also switch between playing each other, or they can cooperate to take down the enemies that are swarming the station.
Assault, one-two shots kill, point blank.
Within the scope, a multitude of combatants.
Melee: Punch, kick, stomp, twist.
The 2Mercenaries can switch between playing each other, or they can cooperate to take down the enemies that are swarming the station.
Teamup, Shotgun Shot
Fast paced action game for one or two players.
No Inventory System
You can use guns, grenades, weapon combos, knives, and other gadgets to get through levels as fast as possible.
Inventory System
The game has a traditional inventory system. Each character has a large inventory with eight slots for holding items, and the players can switch back and forth at any time, or carry items on their body. The characters have both melee and ranged attacks, so they can shoot enemies and then melee them.Q:

`require’: cannot load such file — mysql (LoadError)

I’m using ruby on rails 3.0.5 and I have been having this issue for the past few hours. I’m really getting desperate. Any suggestions? Here’s my environment settings.
$ irb
irb(main):001:0> require’mysql2′
=> true


The issue was with the gem being outdated. A simple gem install mysql solved the issue.
Thanks @dsc_blanco for reminding me to do a ‘bundle install’

Influences of groundwater and weather on the mobility of hexavalent chromium in porous media.
The mobility of hexavalent chromium (Cr(VI)) in two laboratory columns packed with sand was evaluated under controlled-conditions conditions. Two different hydraulic conditions were imposed on the columns: water was either driven through the columns or rainfall was applied directly to the columns’ surface. The columns were flushed intermittently during rainfall and runoff with simulated rainfall water or DI water. At the completion of the study, concentrations of Cr


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