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Train Engine 3 is an excellent addition to the Trainz series. It features an amazing 12 track layouts and includes all realistic train models. It also contains a variety of train sounds from different locomotives, train engines and other in-game sounds.
Train Engine 3: The Russian locomotive will feature 14 different train models in the game featuring a huge variety of locomotives.

Key Features

High Quality Content – 12 unique new track layouts

Realistic Decals – Includes in game prompts for when the loco rolls

Original Sounds – a total of 548 sounds

Interactive Listening

Train Engine 3 features all of the amazing features of Trainz such as;

High quality 3D graphics

Accurate Steam Locomotives

Train Mapping in 3D with actual interface elements

All of the model trains made famous in Trainz

Train Engine 3

· The legendary TE3 locomotive series is made in compliance with the highest standards for quality and precision
· Photo realistic graphics and textures
· High Quality sounds
· Real time functionality and has an actual 4+1 track interface

Please remember that Train Engine 3 is a game which in many cases is intended to be played by experienced Trainz fans and requires experience or at least a modicum of knowledge to be used and understood. Train Engine 3 is not for casual Trainz players. Train Engine 3 is intended for those who are already familiar with the Trainz series and the standard way in which train models work, and have the time to complete the task.

If you have any problems or questions, please contact us at

– Your Train Engine 3 team

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A Trainz game that is based on the legendary TE3 locomotive.
Te3 is a platform built in Russia and is the re-issue of model 14.012. The platform includes everything from model 0203.

The TE3 locomotive is a well-known model-train design and is a reissue of model 14.012, being a platform built in Russia and is the re-issue of model 14.012. It


Features Key:

  • Two new tracks: “Nagasaki” (Nagasaki) and “Takasu” (Takasu)
  • Customizable trailer 'Genesis' featuring 5 new vehicles (also download the DLC)
  • 4 new Tracks: “Suita” (Suita), “Shibuya” (Shibuya), “Felice” (Felice) and “Tunguri” (Tunguri)
  • 10 new towns: “Kiryu no Iwata”, “Kirisuto no Iwata”, “Sabae no Ohyama”, “Takagi no Odawara”, “Shinagawa no Mikoshi”, “Aishima”, “Takasu”, “Himuro no Iwata”, “Yoshino no Iwata” and “Abeno-Takamachi” (one new billboard 'Genesis')
  • One more rally bus 'Maneki'
  • 10 new people
  • One new event
  • Improvements for the Indian side of the tracks
  • New track menu icon
  • 2 new credits themes
  • Option to select three of the above-mentioned DLC program for individual players
  • Meets the demands of modern and basic customers as well as those who prefer classic trucks
  • Complex Trainz architecture is not required
  • Replay with the best-selling Trainz DLC game!

    About Trainz 2019:

    • New cities: Himuro no Iwata, Yoshino no Iwata and Abeno

    • More people, tracks, vehicles and missions

    • Modernized vehicles 'Genesis' and LA-LA!

    • Customize the world in which you want to recreate it!

    • Snazzy graphics, great music, high speed and a dynamic game world.

    • CUSTOMIZE the world and


    Trainz 2019 DLC – TE3-2068 Crack Patch With Serial Key [Latest]

    – Publisher: Trainz Corporation Ltd.
    – Year: 2019
    – Platform: PC
    – Type: DLC
    – Rating: E
    – Price: 47,99 € / $ 54.99
    The TE3-2068, a locomotive series and type of the first generation of Russian railway. This locomotive is set on a tangent, on which can be a second locomotive in the train.
    As the locomotive new life comes, it will have an increased speed and power.
    Features of the locomotive:
    – New locomotive with increased performance
    – The second locomotive in the train
    – The characteristics of locomotive TE3-2068:
    0.75 wavelength, 3 cylinders
    – Length: 196mm
    – Width: 126mm
    – Height: 223mm
    – Operation speed: 30km/h
    – Power: 17.1 kW
    – Performance: 83.8 mpg
    – Service life: 30 years
    Engine: Russian
    – Build: GM-1A2
    – Weigh: 47.00 kg
    1. Install the engines to the chassis.
    2. Install the chassis to the track.
    3. Install the wheels to the rail wheels.
    Maintenance / Upgrade:
    Check batteries, general maintenance, removal of debris, peeling, and other things that affect the normal operation of the locomotive.
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    Trainz 2019 DLC – TE3-2068 Activator (April-2022)

    – For the best results, use a powerful computer (recommended minimum 3 gb of RAM, enough RAM for the Game to work).
    – Use the correct Windows version and drivers for your PC.
    – Try to keep the software setup of your computer constant.
    – Start the game without the DLC plug-in (TrainzEdPlugIn) enabled, which automatically modifies the game-code for the version of the train set.
    – Use an offline copy of the game (save the file on your computer), which saves a current copy of all data on your computer.

    System requirements (Prices and availability)


    The legendary TE3 locomotive is made in compliance with the highest standards for quality and precision. This is a replica of a locomotive TE3 series. Photo-realistic graphics / textures and geometry has been recreated as accurately as possible the characteristics and details of the locomotive. The model is equipped with an original soundtrack and detail functionality.

    Operating the Loco:To use this locomotive once installed you can find the locomotive under the Trainz Tab when searching for “TE3”. This is a Russian locomotive and has English and Russian translations.

    What’s included

    TRAC PCB already installed

    Installation / Maintenance

    No Modifications

    Customer Support

    After 6 months of operation (for example, if you used the model the first time) we will check the condition of the product. If any defects or malfunctioning, please contact our support team.

    Instrument panel

    5 year warranty

    Technical Support

    The support services for DLC items include lifetime technical support.

    Lifetime technical support for DLC items is available in the product description (for example, “Lifetime warranty”.)

    Q: How long does the warranty cover?

    The warranty covers the entire period of ownership of the product.

    Q: How long will the support be available?

    If you have questions about using this product, please write to our Customer Support Service. It will take less than 48 hours to receive answers.

    Live Trainz VR

    Live Trainz VR is a Trainz product in development for PlayStation VR. The full version of the game (which includes this train) will be released in Q2 of 2018. This demo version offers a custom train and comes with content for the full version of the game.

    Supporting products


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