Com-Art Colours

Real Deal Weathering PaintsCom-Art’s palette has been refreshed and now showcases some new Brighter, Truer Colours – along with all the favorites fine artists have come to rely on.

Non-toxic and ready-to-use, Com-Art Colours are specifically formulated for the airbrush, so they never need to be filtered or strained – yet they are also great for paintbrush! They’re heavily pigmented with the finest ground pigments so they’ll spray smoothly and won’t clog your airbrush.

Professional artists choose Com-Art Colours because of their museum-quality lightfast longevity. They dry instantly to a matte finish, which is especially good for precise color matching. Plus, opaque and transparent colours can be intermixed without any color bleeding or show-through problems.

These paints are an excellent choice for illustrators and fine artists, yet are also superb for resin-cast figure model painting, craft applications like scrapbooking and with the appropriate primer, painting on metal!