Spectra-Tex Airbrush Colors

spectra tex banner.pngSpectra-Tex Airbrush Colors™ are highly pigmented, professional grade and ready to use. They can be used on a variety of surfaces including: fabric, wood, canvas, paper, clay etc with permanent results. An array of vibrant colors were specially formulated with the unique needs of the professional airbrush artist in mind. All Spectra-Tex Airbrush Colors™ are water-based, non-toxic and meet ASTM D-4236 standards.

Available in 72 unique colors in a number of finishes including Transparent, Opaque High Hiding, Neon Fluorescent, and Metallic. Colors are available in 2 oz. – 4 oz. – 16 oz. – 32 oz. and 1 gallon (128 oz.) sizes.

Spectra-Tex paint additives allow airbrushers the flexibility to customize their paints for their specific application and technique.

– Highly Concentrated – No need for additional pigments to be added.
– Rich Vibrant Colors – Highest quality pigments for cleanest brightest colors.
– Ready to Spray – Low viscosity, no dilution or additional additives needed.
– Outstanding flow characteristics – Smooth flowing, virtually eliminates tip drying.
– Water-based- Low odor. Does not contain harmful solvents.


Badger Airbrush Co. offers several airbrushing tips, operating suggestions and instructions on proper set-up and air pressure ratios on the badgerairbrush.com website.

Always shake bottles well before using ensuring that all pigments are thoroughly mixed together especially when transferring to smaller bottles or color jars.

Application Instructions:
Fabric Surfaces:  100% cotton, 50/50 poly/cotton blends, denim, sweatshirts, most natural fibers
1.) It is recommended that the item is washed first to remove mill finishes and sizing.

2.) Apply paint in light even coats avoiding saturation. Generally, one coat will allow full color coverage. Dilute with Extender for a less intense color if needed. Water may be used to dilute paint (up to 10%).

3.) After spraying design allow the colors to dry thoroughly . This will vary depending on room conditions and paint application.

4.) Heatset design by one of the following methods:

– Iron using a protective cloth between design and iron for 2 minutes at 300° or hottest iron setting. Keep iron moving.

– Shirt press, 15 seconds at 325°

– Turn T-Shirt inside out and place in clothes dryer for 30 minutes at highest heat. Note: Best if design is dried overnight.
May require additional dryer time depending on paint amount.

Denim should be prewashed to remove sizing material.

Sketch out your design with white/ Multiple coats may be necessary. A hair dryer speeds up the process of painting multiple coats. For extra protection, spray a layer of Top Coat over dried artwork and heat set per T-Shirt instructions.

1.) Prep leather by cleaning with acetone and a clean cloth to remove dirt, oil and waxes.

2.) Sketch the design with a light base coat of white. Apply color by using several light coats to build color.   When the design is dry, rub with mink oil or a good quality leather treatment.

3.) Allow design to dry thoroughly. Use a hair dryer to speed drying and to cure the paint.

Auto Tags
1.) Scuff the tag lightly with 600 grit sandpaper or a fine scotch bright pad.

2.) For best results, apply a light coat of any opaque color, depending on the design you are painting. Apply paint in light even coats avoid heavy build-up of paint. Allow to dry thoroughly before  top coating with a quality “high gloss” clear acrylic enamel.

Wood, Clay, Ceramics
1) Apply in light even coats.

2.) Allow artwork to dry. Use a hair dryer to speed up process.

3) Once dry, colors are permanent. Apply a top coat for additional protection if desired.