Badger’s 100 Series professional airbrushes offer a variety of styles – gravity feed, slotted gravity feed, and side feed – to satisfy every professional’s needs. Each of these exceptional airbrushes offers precision performance for a soft spray pattern and tight line detail. The 100 Series features correctly proportioned body weight providing perfect balance and comfort for the most exacting professional applications.

• Self-lubricating PTFE needle bearing enables continuous proper paint flow and prevents needle wear
• Non-slip, one-piece trigger
• PTFE head seal assures efficient air flow
• Winged back lever design for easy reassembly and smooth trigger control
• Fine (F) – pencil line to 2″ (51mm) spray pattern
• Medium (M) – 1/32″ (0.8mm) to 2 1/2″ (63mm) spray pattern
• Heavy (H) – 1
/16″ (1.5mm) to 3″ (76mm) spray pattern

Expert Review: Badger’s 100 series airbrush still use the classic designs that led to Badger’s popularity among commercial airbrush artists of the 1980s and still remains popular today. The cups are fixed but they do offer a variety cup sizes as well a side-feed model. Fine Medium and Large needle/nozzle combinations are interchangeable and the replacement parts are very affordable. This a good choice for the illustrator or artist who knows what they need out of an airbrush and is looking for a quality airbrush that’s in that under $100 price range. Price $60 to $80.
Design: Quality: Cost to Performance Ratio: ★★



This airbrush runs the gamut from fine detail to background coverage. A 1/3 oz. (10.5ml) permanently mounted color cup lets you get close to your work, and allows easy cleaning and color changing. The long-standing choice of fine artists, illustrators, and decorative painters. (Available as Fine, Medium and/or Heavy.

Badger Model 100-1 Side-Feed Airbrush - Fine Head
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Badger Model 100-2 Side-Feed Airbrush - Medium Head
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Sale price: $60.95

Badger 100G Gravity-Feed Airbrush - Fine
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Badger 100LG Large Gravity Feed Airbrush - Fine Head
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Badger 100LG Large Gravity Feed Airbrush - Medium Head
Regular price: $139.00
Sale price: $79.93