Badger Renegade Series


Originally designed for the automotive industry, this line of high quality detail brushes have quickly become Badger’s best selling line and are widely used among all types of artists.  The Krome is essentially a chrome plated version of the Renegade Velocity with some extra features such a rubber finger/thumb rest for increased comfort, and a micrometer trigger setting dial which allows the setting of spray patterns to 1/1000″ accuracy.



RK1 Krome – 2-in-1 Gravity Feed Airbrush:
Dual Action, Internal Mix, .21mm and .33mm Nozzles, Hair Line-1″ Spray Pattern
R3R Rage – Bottom Feed Airbrush:
Dual Action, Internal Mix, .33mm Nozzle, Technical Pen Line-1″ Spray Pattern.
R1V Velocity – Gravity Feed Airbrush:
Dual Action, Internal Mix, .21mm Nozzle, Hair Line-1″ Spray Pattern
R2S Spirit – Side-Feed Airbrush:
Dual Action, Internal Mix, .21mm Nozzle, Hair Line – 1″ Spray Pattern
Expert Review: When Badger first released their Renegade series it was to serve the custom automotive artists and cater to their specific needs. Well, it did a pretty good job of that but also became surprisingly popular among fine artists, illustrators, modelers and other types of artists and quickly became one of Badger’s best selling lines. A few years later Badger added the Krome 2-in-1 to the Renegade series and it became their number one selling airbrush with a bullet. The airbrush has a lot of weight to it but is very well balanced. People really like how easily you can change tip sizes and the range of spray patterns that can be achieved.
Price Range $150 to $200.
Design: Quality: Cost to Performance Ratio: ★★
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