Harder Steenbeck Infinity Series

Expert Review: Just when no one thought the Olympos/Iwata Micron 0.18mm nozzle size could be beat, here comes Harder Steenbeck with the 0.15mm Infinity. ?To be fair there is a bit more to do with fine line achievement than just nozzle size; the angle of the nozzle to the needle and the tapper of the needle also play a part. In a side by side comparison between the two, the achievement of fine detail would be too close to call. Considering it is a remarkably high quality airbrush that goes for about half the price of the Micron, there is little wonder why the Infinity has become Harder Steenbeck’s best selling airbrush series. Price Range $200 to $350.
Design: Quality: Cost to Performance Ratio: ★★

The infinity CRplus features a triple coating of copper, nickel and high-gloss exterior chrome plating. It presents itself not only in high-quality optics, but it is suitable in particular for nickel allergy sufferers as well as those users who have problems with oxidation (tarnishing) of nickel alloys because of hand perspiration. The Infinity CRplus models are available with 0.15, 0.2 or 0.4 mm nozzle sets or as Two in One variant. An innovative long life needle seal and PTFE seals to the cup screwing and valve are responsible for safe protection against unwanted air and color output – also in the application of solvent-based paints.

Regular price: $355.69
Sale price: $320.10
Regular price: $355.69
Sale price: $320.10
Regular price: $278.55
Sale price: $250.70
Harder Steenbeck Infinity CRplus Airbrush 0.2mm 126564
Regular price: $278.55
Sale price: $250.70
Harder Steenbeck Infinity CRplus Airbrush - 0.15mm - 126554
Regular price: $284.27
Sale price: $255.84
Harder Steenbeck Infinity X CR plus Meinrad Froschin Edition
Regular price: $292.84
Sale price: $263.55
Harder Steenbeck Infinity 2 in 1 Airbrush
Regular price: $342.84
Sale price: $308.56
Harder Steenbeck Infinity Solo Airbrush 126533
Regular price: $264.28
Sale price: $237.85


The secret formula behind the impressively photorealistic works of the airbrush artist Meinrad Froschin is certainly not just special airbrush equipment. But his work is proof enough that the Infinity X CRplus Meinrad Froschin Edition inspired by him satisfies even the most exacting demands. The Infinity X CRplus is an Infinity model with suction connection. The device is supplied with a 0.15 mm nozzle set. For the paint supply, the user has options including a cup with an angled push-fit pipe, or connecting paint bottles directly using an adapter.