3 Question Interview with NightEyes Leather

Leather purse tooled and painted by Caitlin McCafferty aka NighEyes Leather

Instagram: @nighteyesleather
Facebook: @nighteyesleather
Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/NightEyesLeather

1) What is a typical day like for you as a professional artist?

Most days involve a lot of spacing out, looking for the tool I just put down for about an hour and then finding it on the ground by my feet, petting my cat and possibly a mini cat photo shoot, and of course making art/ leatherwork.  This is often fueled by too much caffeine and I am typically listening to a podcast or have a David Attenborough nature documentary on in the background.  

2) Who are your favorite artistic influences?

  It is a bit unconventional but Nature is my number one artistic influence. Nothing beats the beauty and the terror that you see in Nature. Akira Kurosawa’s film Yojimbo has also been a huge influence on my work.  There is an absurd scene right in the beginning of a dog running with a severed human hand that I love and have referenced a lot.  Some more “traditional” artists that I am fond of are Raymond Pettibon, Mike Kelley, and David Shrigley because I love the humor in their work. 

3) How did you get into airbrushing?

  I swear I am not getting paid to write this, but if it wasn’t for Midwest Airbrush Supply Co.  I probably would have never gotten into airbrushing.  They are such a great resource if you are trying to enter into the world of airbrushing.  Not only do they have affordable starter kits that come with air compressors but the owner is super helpful if you have any questions.  Airbrushing has totally changed the trajectory of my leather work.  I still have a TON to learn when it comes to airbrushing but am super into the sick fades I’ve been achieving lately.

Tools of the trade: Paasche Talon TG and Paasche Talon TS

Scale Model Painting Workshops with Bryant Dunbar

Model Aircraft Airbrushing Workshop with Bryant Dunbar – Saturday March 21st, 11am to 3pmRegular price: $76.00Sale price: $75.00MAABS

Learn valuable model painting techniques from award winning model builder Bryant Dunbar!

In this comprehensive workshop sponsored by Grex Airbrush Company and Mission Models Premium Hobby Paints you’ll get some hands on experience and walk away with a painted aircraft.

The coarse will cover:

-Proper Airbrush Technique
-Hobby Paints Tutorial
-Paint Preparation
-Pre-Shading Panel Lines
-Single Color Camouflage Scheme
-Post Tinting
-Multi-Color Camouflage
Model Railroad Airbrushing with Bryant Sunday February 22nd 11am to 2pm

Learn valuable model painting techniques from award winning model builder Bryant Dunbar!

In this comprehensive workshop sponsored by Grex Airbrush Company and Mission Models Premium Hobby Paints you’ll get some hands on experience and walk away with a painted aircraft.

The coarse will cover:

-Proper Airbrush Technique
-Hobby Paints Tutorial
-Paint Preparation
-Post Tinting

New Needles from Harder Steenbeck!

New! Stronger, Better, Easier Needles installed in Harder Steenbeck airbrushes

The new V2 needles are made from a material 1/3 harder than previous needles.

The design has improved too with a double taper right where the paint breaks free from the needle. Making it optimal for detail work and better flow.

Plus! They also now have notches shaped on the back of the needle which indicate size, making it easier to change sizes.

Frisket Film is Back!

For about a year or so now you may had noticed that frisket film has been almost impossible to come by. All major brands like Artool, Badger and Grafix were completely sold out of rolls and pads and not making any new frisket at all. This is because the manufacture that made the special adhesive used in making frisket film went out of business and was evidently the single source for all the brands making it.

Grafix has finally released a frisket film using a new adhesive formula that is getting some good feed back and will most likely become the new standard. The film as always is still easy-to-cut, repositionable, translucent and wrinkle-proof.

Grafix Frisket Film is available it 9×12 pads, 12″ rolls and 24″ rolls.

New! Alphanamel Enamel Paint

For decades 1 Shot Lettering Enamel has been the go-to enamel paint option for pinstriping hand-painted lettering, and sign painting. The 1 Shot brand (now owned by PPG) and its iconic yellow can, has enjoyed very little competition in the industry. Enter Alpha 6, a company that has skyrocketed practically overnight with its innovative line of products and aiming to be a real disrupter with its new line of Alphanamel Lettering Enamels. Available in a variety of terrific colors with terrific names like “Max Grundy Grey” and “Bombshell Deluxe Pink”, Alpha 6 corporation really seems to have their fingers on the pulse of custom automotive and sign painting culture.

” Alphanamel Lettering Enamel is the most durable, opaque, single stroke enamel on the market. It has been scientifically formulated to meet the needs of today’s professional Pinstripers and Sign Painters. The single stroke coverage allows for faster drying times, a higher gloss finish, elimination of brush marks and increased profitability. “

Available in a variety of terrific colors with terrific names like Max Grundy Grey.

Airbrush Step By Step Magazine

With Airbrush Action on hiatus for the time being, airbrushers are left looking for a new publication to be inspired by and kept you up to date on all things airbrush. Enter Airbrush Step By Step magazine, the international publication that’s bee around for years but mainly served a European audience with both its German and English versions.

Spotlight: Paasche Vision Airbrush

With its .2mm hand polished needle the Paasche Vision airbrush can achieve INCREDIBLE detail. Passche really stepped up their game when they released this a few years ago as they phased out the famous AB turbine airbrush. This airbrush is no joke!
TGX-2F (Set) $163.22
TGX-0L (Airbrush Only) $110.57

Hear what people are saying about it on our Instagram feed:

  • billyradd

    Made in the 🇺🇸. Gets my money! 🤑


  • mcfizzz

    I want this gun (airbrush) so so bad just can’t afford it right now. Man I want to spray with it. ❤️❤️❤️😱😱😱🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩


  • mcfizzz

    I love love paasche airbrush. 🤩


  • docgomez6

    I recently returned to Paasche!! I purchased the TA#2. I was stuck overpaying for Iwata parts, whenever a tip or needle would get bent!! They had me over a barrel!! But, NO MORE!!!! I started out with the VL#3, as a t- shirt artist. And, I loved embarrassing my coworkers! I could pull a finer line, with my #3 needle than they could, with the finest needle that Iwata had ta offer!! I am so, INCREADIBLY happy, now that I have the best, back in my hands!!!!! PAASCHE RULES!!! find me at docgomez6, on Instagram…

  • johnswindowpainting

    Been itching to try this bad boy…keep me posted as you use it


  • airbrushgary

    Wish that cup was smaller. That thing is a five gallon bucket! 😂


  • midwestairbrush

    @airbrushgary it is rather large. Check out the Raptor if youre in to smaller cups. Might profile that one next.

  • didbybiz

    oh really wow I’ve been in the dark or just blinded with iwata.

  • docgomez6

    Paasche is truly awesome!! I’d pick Paasche over iwata…lol…I just did!!!

  • jhonyguitar


Airbrush Update: New Lid On Krome

Badger Krome with Locker Case

The Badger Renegade Krome RK-1 now includes a rubber paint cup lid instead of a metal lid.  The rubber lid may not look as sharp as the original metal lid but actually functions better as it provides a snug fit. The RK-0473 chrome plated metal lid is still available, separately.

This very popular airbrush was created for the automotive arts industry but has become one of Badger’s best sellers among all types of airbrush users from taxidermists to tabletop miniature painters.

Hear what people are saying about it on instagram:

  • whitecustomairbrush

    Only thing I don’t care for is the tip design. Makes it hard to clear tip dry.


  • midwestairbrush

    @whitecustomairbrush you can’t work with the needle cap off with this one.


  • marko_aarrepalo

    This is my workhorse, and i love it. Fitting of that metal lid sucks..


  • crooksfineart

    This and my Spirit are my favorites. I have Micron but it hardly ever gets used because I like the Krome so much better

  • air_brushink

    I got one. And it’s a boss!!!!


  • zonedudes

    I will stick with my iwata


  • ivanriosart

    Awesome airbrush to have. Badger really stands behind the artists and offers great support for all their products.


  • mcfizzz

    Is mine in the mail 🤤🤤🤤 I wish.

Badger RK1 Renegade Krome 2-in-1 includes: both .21mm and .33mm nozzle size configurations and locker case. $119.95

Alberto Vargas

Image result for alberto vargasThe master of pinup art Alberto Vargas would thin out watercolor paint (they didnt make airbrush paint back then) and spray it through a Paasche turbine airbrush to make his perfect gradations. His mastery of the airbrush is acknowledged by the founding of the Vargas Award, awarded annually by Airbrush Action Magazine, which was named after him. However you wont find too many photos of Vargas using an airbrush. That’s because in his day, the airbrush was a trade secret that establishment artist thought of as cheap and looked down they’re noses at. A Peruvian born son of a photographer, Vargas, moved to the United States in 1916 after studying art in Europe. He started his career making movie posters in Hollywood and eventually became a regular contributing artist for Esquire and Playboy magazine. Numerous Vargas paintings have sold and continue to sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars. They have an amazing collection of original paintings by Vargas and other commercial artists of his time at the Paasche Airbrush Co. factory.