Quick Connects

Quick Disconnect Set 1/8″ x 1/8″ $16.95
AD9 Airbrush Quick Connect Plug 1/8″ Male $3.47
Harder Steenbeck Quick Coupling with 1/8″ Hose Connection $10.94
A-191 Paasche Airbrush Quick Disconnect Set $13.17
Badger Quick Disconnect Coupler $14.95
AD19 Quick Connect Plug for Badger Airbrush $3.50
A-192 Paasche Airbrush Quick Connect Plug $3.19
AD29 Quick Connect Airbrush Plug for Paasche $3.50
Harder Steenbeck Quick Connect with Micro Air Control Valve $21.51
Grex Micro Air Control Valve $24.95