Iwata Neo Parts

Parts listed are for the Iwata Neo.

N0751 IWATA Needle 0.35mm for Neo CN
N0752 IWATA Needle 0.5mm for Neo BCN
N0801 IWATA Nozzle 0.35mm for NEO CN
N0802 IWATA Nozzle 0.5mm for NEO BCN
N1101 IWATA Needle Cap for NEO CN and BCN
N0201 Iwata Neo Valve Body with O-ring
N0701 Iwata Neo 1/4 oz Fluid Cup
N0702 Iwata Neo 1/2 oz Fluid Cup For CN
N0901 Iwata Neo Handle
N0954 Iwata Neo Fluid Cup Lid for N4500
N1001 Iwata Neo Main Lever
N1051 Iwata Neo Handle O-Ring
Neo Needle Chucking Guide
N1201 Iwata Neo Needle Chucking Nut
N1251 Iwata Neo Needle Packing Screw
N1351 Iwata Neo Needle Spring
N1401 Iwata Neo Nozzle Cap .35 mm
N1402 Iwata Neo Nozzle Cap .5 mm
N1501 Needle Packing O-Ring
N1502 Iwata Neo Valve Body O-Ring
N1701 Iwata Neo Spring Guide