Airbrush Mastery DVD with Terry Hill from Airbrush Action
Here’s the ultimate course on airbrush mastery taught by the legendary Terry Hill. This DVD is highly recommended for beginning and advanced artists of any airbrush application, including automotive custom painting, T-shirts, illustration, body art, skateboards, snowboards, model/hobby, fingernails, and the rest. The airbrush and its techniques are demystified through effective instruction and essential tips that promise to dramatically elevate your skills. Airbrush Mastery includes airbrush basics, how to render clouds, chrome, starbursts, freehand control, airbrush maintenance, practice drills, use of stencils and shields, troubleshooting, and tons more.

Javier Soto’s Power Portraits Airbrush Action DVD

Power Portraits, the long-awaited DVD from master portrait painter Javier Soto, includes step-by-step instruction on color theory, how to render facial features, flesh tones, troubleshooting problems such as paint settling, hot spots, blowouts, tip dry, pigment migration, puddling, and spidering, how to use an electric eraser, fiber pen, and razor knife for highlighting and detailing, how to render skin pores, the nuances of painting teeth and hair, working with cool and warm colors, how to evaluate the progress of your painting, and much more.

Advanced Portrait Techniques with CORY SAINT CLAIR DVD from Airbrush Action
Airbrush Action magazine considers Cory Saint Clair to be the best large scale portrait painter on automotive surfaces in the world. In fact, airbrush legend Terry Hill believes Saint Clair’s style is reminiscent of Chuck Close’s earlier portrait work! Saint Clair openly, and in painstaking detail, shares his techniques and approach to rendering a photo-realistic portrait with astonishing results. This is truly a groundbreaking instruction for intermediate to professional artists who wish to take their work to the next level or way beyond.

The Secrets of Airbrushing: True Fire Part 1 DVD By Mike Lavallee
Mike will finally reveal to you closely guarded secrets for creating his original True Fire™ effects! In this DVD you will learn…
• How to design and create this technique, giving the illusion of real fire!
• The secret color recipe Mike uses to create his photo-realistic effect.
• Which tools and supplies are required.
• Special tips and tricks that Mike has perfected through 29 years of mastering his craft.
1 hour and 40 minutes

Scott Mackay’s Plotter Mastery Airbrush Action DVD
Plotter Mastery reveals how to intergrate plotters and art to sunstantially reduce your workload, improve your effciency, create effects unachievable by other methods, and generate much more money in the process! This must-see, groundbreaking presentation is for artists of all skill levels and application.